New Edward/Bella Wedding Barbie Dolls in Magazine

The new Edward/Bella Wedding Barbie Dolls have a spread in the new Barbie magazine! These are SO gorgeous! I definitely want one!

Source via Spunk Ransom

  • princess134911

    I want them

  • liz

    wonder how much these are?

  • Jenn!

    Verra cool. I'll be asking for them as a birthday present. BTW, my b-day is June 19. Edward's is June 20. Gemini-Power!! lol!

  • morgan

    They made edward a litle too light … I know hes pale in the movie but hes not that plae…
    But there still beautifull

  • Jaimepoohbr

    I have edward barbie, mine is not as light color as this new one, I dont care for these new barbies!

  • Wickedangel40

    They dont look NOTHING like Edward or Bella

  • Cassie4486

    They will have no value, just a collectible.

  • elizabeth rincon

    yo quiero un par como lo obtengo!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/5NDX3DLAQRNHVWEOE6AVPNURT4 Lady E.

    According to Brides.com who did an article on the dolls, they will be $29.95 ea.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/5NDX3DLAQRNHVWEOE6AVPNURT4 Lady E.

    They may not have a value right now, but you'd be amazed at how the value of things change as they age.

  • kez

    can u get them anywhere in england?

  • Heather Fiske

    So do not look like Edward and Bella

  • Chase Hulsey

    they totallly do!!!!!!!!!!!

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