Next Movie Exclusive First Look at Michael Welch’s ‘Black Forest: Hansel and Gretel & the 420 Witch’

Next Movie spent some time with Michael Welch and the rest of the cast of the upcoming film Black Forest: Hansel and Gretel & the 420 Witch. Here are some pics and excerpts from their interviews!

Boyle and director Duane Journey rehearse with Michael Welch (Hansel) on the slab in the witch’s catacombs. “Oh it’s so good to be bad! Agnes is one of the purest villains I’ve ever played,” Boyle revealed. “She is the most sympathetic villain I’ve ever played. I mean you feel for her. She’s had a rough 800 years.” Does Journey concur? “Sympathetic in kind of a vicious way,” the director added. “Lovable, maybe? Just don’t get too close.”

Molly C. Quinn’s Gretel is headstrong and rebellious, and Michael Welch’s Hansel is responsible and strait-laced. “He’s getting sick of his sister a bit, and the way that he’s chosen to deal with her is with a very sharp biting sense of humor, so it’s created a conflicted dynamic between Hansel and Gretel,” explained the “Twilight” actor, who hung out with Quinn before filming to nail the sibling chemistry. He continued, “Molly is carrying this film on her shoulders, and she’s just slaying it.”

We sat with Michael Welch in front of the witch’s “weed forest maze” on set. “I tend to find myself in these supernatural-type films but not actually involved in the supernatural elements of the film,” said the actor who played Mike Newton in four of the “Twilight” films. “That’s happened to me several times now. One case in particular is more obvious than others, but [Duane Journey] did throw me into some action at the end [of 'Black Forest'], so that was really cool and definitely challenging.”

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