Happy Birthday Dakota Fanning!

Happy birthday Dakota!!

We at TEAM TWILIGHT hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Lindsay, Angie, Jmac, Ashley, She, Arianna, Stephanie, and Megan

  • Bethan Lenz

    Happy Birthday Dakota Fanning!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday :) xx

  • Sorcestace

    happy brirthday

  • Bazarskyk

    happy birthdAY



  • http://twitter.com/CharlieBewleyDE AlcheBabe Julia

    Happy Birthday lovely Dakota. Make a great Celebration and have a lot of Fun <3

  • Deb

    Happy Birthday Dakota, you are beautiful and a wonderful actress. Thanks for entertaining us.

  • Painfull_thoughts18

    Happy birthday ^_^

  • Hernandezbritt

    happy brithday

  • Nenitta590

    HB (= from Peru <>!!

  • i love rob

    Happy Birthday Dakota !! Hope U Had A Wonderful Birthday !! xxxx

  • evelyng

    congratulations……enjoy your day

  • Mimmi Sarkki

    Have a wonderful birthday, today is the birthday of many important people, yours and Sweden was born a princesstoday, And my best friend's aunt was also a baby today! So once again I look forward to onnea.Ja twilight breakingdawn 4 part 2! <3 t: 13.v a girl from finland<3 :)

  • Caitlyn Hunt

    Happy Birthday

  • Agus16_99

    Happy birthday Dakota :)

  • Pigsdontoink

    happy birthday

  • Kimberly LeBlanc

    Happy Birthday to Dakota Fanning….hope you have a wonderful day!!!! From all of us in Lower Wedgeport Yarmouth County Nova Scotia Canada

  • Linda

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Have a great day!!!!

  • Teodora

    Happy Birthday from Romania!!

  • Wmscheerleader14

    Happy birthday! It's mine as well!! :)

  • Rubistart2008

    happy brirthday

  • Emma Macmullin

    happy brithday dakota ps. why are you silliy prople wirting to dakota not like she is going to respond to them she has a life i dont think she whats to go on to that suipted laptop or comeputer she wants to be acting and fyi it is just a birthday why are you acting sooo crazzyy about it lol

  • Jenna

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Dakota you are my inspiration to go into acting since Uptown Girls. I am 17 years old and i have been acting since i was 10. Thank you so so so so so much!!!!! I love you!!!

  • Cute_lil_turtle-711

    Happy birthday dakota how ever old u r !

  • D D Jarvis57

    have a very nice birthday you are a great  young lady keep up the good work .

  • TwihardBella

    Happy Birthday Dakota. Have a superb birthday! You rock, especially as Jane!

  • TwihardBella

    Happy Birthday!

  • SuperluvbugX44

    They should say her age, I was curious >.> Now I have to go look it up

  • Hannah joseph

    happy birthday

  • Caseycoleman14


  • Dappyduck2004

    happy 18th birthday

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=520879783 Kaila Thats Mii

    Happy B-dayy dakota :)

  • Tinayount

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Dakota! Happy Birthday to yyyooouuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Have a blessed day Dakota!!!

  • florentina

    happy birthday dakota…
    all my best wishes to you….!!!!
    oh…by the way…happy b-day from romania

  • Liv_af

    Happy Birthday Dakota

  • Kalina242000

    Happy Birthday Dakota from Bugaria

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