Chaske Spencer’s Film ‘Winter in the Blood’ to be Subject of Documentary

Here are the details of a new documentary following the filmakers involved in making Winter in the Blood.

Visionary Insight: Behind The Scenes of The Film Winter In The Blood
Tracy Rector & Lou Karsen, 2012, USA, 30 minutes,

Screening – Wilma 1, Saturday February 25 @ 5:15 pm

As part of a unique Longhouse Media internship program, Visionary Insight, follows the adventures of 8 Native American interns from across the West as they embark on their first feature filmmaking experience (crewing on Andrew & Alex Smith’s adaptation of James Welch’s WINTER IN THE BLOOD).  In their quest they discover the mystery of the Montana Hi-Line, the strength of the regions people and the hard realities of working on a film set.

Strand - American Spectrum

Source: BigSkyFilmFest via LovinChaske.com


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