Spotted: Kristen Stewart shopping at Balenciaga in West Hollywood

Kristen Stewart was spotted shoppping yesterday at Balenciaga in West Hollywood. Check out the pics!

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Source : KristenStewartNews

  • Ihatekristenstewart

    I still hate her as much as I ever did. OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!!

  • Ella

    Fuck You !!!!!!!!! Love You kristen!!!!!

  • IHateMotherFuckersLikeYou

    Then why are you fucking in this site?OFF WITH YOUR HEADD!!!!!

  • Getthehelloffthissite

    i agree!!! i love kristen stewart so why the hell are you on this site if you dont. go trash talk about someone else. bye

  • Kelley

    Some people are so childish, and YES OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

  • Jenn!

    Stewart is verra cool. The Balenciaga stop makes sense. (Didn't she sign with them as their spokesmodel recently? Or something to that effect?)
    I'm looking forward to seeing SWATH. :)

  • Jessica Willow

    Just out of curiosity, who is the woman walking next to Kristen? 
    She is often with Kristen at major events too. Is she Kristen publicist, manager, stylist or?

  • Kim78

    WOW.  WHY in the hell is ANYONE that doesn't like any of these actors on here???  WHY come to this site & trash these people??  Have nothing better to do with your time?  She's a GREAT actress & it's nice to see a “smirk” / half smile on her face in front of the paps, ALTHOUGH her facial expression in the 2nd pic isn't so smiley….

  • http://twitter.com/Twilight2200 Zahra.DK

    Pretty as always

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