Breaking Dawn part 1 nominated for 8 razzies

The Golden Rasberry awards known as the Razzies announced their nominations yesterday and Breaking Dawn part 1 was nominated for a total of 8 razzie awards.

This year the Golden Rasberry Awards, or Razzies, announced their nominations the day before the Oscars instead of handing them out. The Razzies will be awarded appropriately on April 1. Like years’ past, “The Twilight Saga” did not escape unscathed.  ”The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1″ was dishonored with eight nominations – Worst Picture, Worst Actor – Taylor Lautner, Worst Actress – Kristen Stewart, Worst Screen Ensemble, Worst Director – Bill Condon, “Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel,” and Worst Screenplay – Melissa Rosenberg.

“Breaking Dawn, Part 1″ wasn’t the most dishonored movie this year. Adam Sandler received 11 nominations.


Source : His Golden Eyes

  • Ihatekristenstewart

    Kristen does deserve worst actress they got that right Because she is the worst actress. Disagree with everything else though.

  • katielynn<3

    That is so wrong all of them did really good and kristen had the hardest part she was amazing , the twilight series are amazing and shouldnt be dishonored!

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    Whatever. BD-1 still made a shitload of money.

  • Guest

    If Kristen was nominated for worst actress then Rob should have been too because he wasn't any better.

  • Jessica Willow

    Do you judge her only on her performance in the Twilight Saga? 
    Have you ever seen any of her other films like The Cake Eaters, The Yellow Handkerchief or Into The Wild? 
    Kristen Stewart is incredible in these films and gives a knockout performance particularly in The Cake Eaters. The amount of dedication and detailed thought she puts into each character she portrays is astounding and very unique.  
    I just hope that your prejudice about her is at least justified and that your judgements are not based one performance and not ignorant of her other roles.   
    Kristen, you rock!

  • Appledumplin1974

    I am a 37 yr old single mom and am mortified that considering that 2011 had some of the biggest flops in movies,that the critics would nominate breaking dawn for razzies. I felt that breaking dawn an water for elephants were both good movies. I remember seeing Kristen Stewart play a role in the lifetime movie network film SPEAK about a young girls' struggle with being raped. I thought she delivered the role with intensity an poignancy. I also saw rob in a few movies outside of the twilight series and was impressed. Watching him in Remember Me was heart wrenching,i thought he played that role extremely well. Its hard enuff in today's society being a young up an coming actor without ppl constantly downing them.I was one of these women who was a closet twilight fan,but not anymore. If these actors/movies can interest my father than why not me too. I wish the twilight actors much success in their up an coming careers. As for Razzie awards,i think whoever invented that is well,a razzie themselves.

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    Add Speak to that list. Her mainly silent performance was great!

  • katielynn<3

    they were both great no better than that they were incredible , how would you do if you were them playing that part. they take it to a higher level than anyone ive seen in a movie.

  • Kmccortx

    Honestly, not to sound repetitive, but it's a bunch of guys who are pissed off that for once there is a giant franchise driven by mostly women and in that franchise the men are very weak characters while the women get their way all the time. They don't know how to understand it…so here's the result (that doesn't apply to everyone, but honestly anybody who makes up an awards show like this doesn't think too deeply about stuff). Also, I'm so sick of all the hate towards Kristen, especially in Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward are both very hard characters to play because they are mainly internal and have lines which, when read, sound great but, when spoken, sound a bit out of place for traditional commercial movies. That being said, I think everybody does a wonderful job, they're fun movies, and guys need to suck it up when women start pushing some money around Hollywood. And I second Taycob-they're laughing all the way to the bank :P  

  • ilovekristenstewart

     you really are a big hater of her. Why?? Because she is better than you??

  • rpattz n kstew

    she is a gud actress u hater…she iz way better than u

  • Lauren

    I agree! Kristen, Rob, Taylor and the rest of them were great!! Kristen probably had the hardest part to play and she was AMAZING!!!! Just because someone thinks an actress or actor didn't do good in one movie doesn't mean all of them are bad!!! It's hard enough to be a woman who has a career when men are bringing us down in this society!!!!

  • Rust6786

    you guys kill me. What the hell is the difference. Its done. if you dont like it then dont go see it, or buy the DVD.If you do, then by all means go see, and buy it  like I did. you silly goonies!!!! And oh by the way they are laughing all the way to the bank. You know one time Hally Barry received that award, need I say more.

  • Rld2475

    I love breaking dawn and think out of all the books breaking dawn try to stay close to that. If anything the first book was more different  from the movie. The rest of the movies try to stay close to the book. Kristen being pregnant was a hard role to play and she did it very well and the birth. Rob was great too he really stay close to his role in the book. By far breaking dawn was the best out of all the movies and I can not wait for the 2nd part. People need to stop hating if you think you could have done better next time a movie comes up try out for an role. Everybody has a right to opinion but please give the cast some credit!! 

  • Kristin T

    Don't forget that Sandra Bullock won a razzie the same year she won an Oscar. I think the box office sales and video, merchandise sales speak for themself. Adam Sandler always gets nominated and I find his movies very entertaining. I'm sure they would have nominated Bridesmaides if it didn't get so much award reception from all the award shows this year and that was a funny movie. The actors and actresses, screenwriters, etc., will be Oscar winners one day.

  • Jeanette

    yes break dawn is the best movie every after….i what too see the daughter of bella?

  • iJer-There

    Good Lord really! First I heard about Twilight was when Entertainment Tonight interviewd cast in the FIRST film…the scene where Edward stops the pickup. I thought it was a pay-per-view series. Then I was hauled in to see BD. I didn't know the characters, the plot, nothin. I LOVED the sum of the film! It's mindless entertainment at its best. By mindless I mean you don't have to be a librarian or thespian or film critic. I sat there end thoroughly ENJOYED THE FILM. Then I got the books and well…Never read so much in my life! I blame YOU people for the C I got in Int'l Bus test…still passed with an A but it coulda been an A+

    But I do have friends that live up on Oak Harbor and they are spti'n image of Bella & Edward…they even have a new baby. AAAAANNNND there was a gal named Bella on the flight up…you damn right I was all OMG hahahahaha!

  • Andie

    It makes me laugh how pissed off the average Twilight fan gets at any kind of criticizm. The Razzies is meant to be a joke, take it as one and move on.

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