Pics of Rob Pattinson Shopping in NYC

Rob was spotted shopping in NYC on 3/1/2012. Here are some pics!

Source: RPL

  • http://twitter.com/Marti723 Marti Mitev

    What is he doing in NYC!?

  • Ana_moon

    ai ai! he is in nyc she is in paris ! i see you together shopping! kiss love you guys

  • Kristal Morgan

    the man has to shop folks!

  • Aliciatoole

    this just made my day….so sweet….

  • Jeralyn

    why isnt he with Kristen in Paris??

  • Jeralyn

    Is he engaged to Kristen.. I heard that rumor….?

  • Jenbug0411

    wow they just dont have a break do they

  • Heather

    Yeah what Marti said?

  • Garima Singh

    Really made my day!!!!!!

  • Allie

    1) Who says this pic is recent? And
    2) Who's business is it anyways???
    Come on. Really.

  • Jen

    I say none of our business

  • Cnkwalton

    what he does in his private life is his business and no one elses

  • Cazzy

    wow who knew that celebrities shop haha seriously what they do is there buisness 

  • Dnorris77

    people can't even shop without people bothering them.. does nobody have any respect for privacy?? 

  • Haleycarr52

    i agree

  • Haleycarr52

    you know just because they are celebs doesn't mean people have to know where they r even if u r a big fan but poparatz is stupid and so r the pics let them live their life without being spyed on or crap like that

  • spideygurl23

    wow do they have to photograph their every waking moment…sheesh let the guy live a normal life for once. He always says he wants to be normal….well i think if he wants that maybe he should go back home to London, less chance of being bothered there

  • spideygurl23

     no they are not engaged hes already addressed that rumor

  • spideygurl23

     i agree paparazzi have no respect.

  • Cristina Cullen

    I am a huge fan of Rob but this is just absurd! HE ONLY WENT SHOPPING FOR EDWARD'S SAKE!! ;D lol what's next?! PICTURES OF ROB GOIN TO A PUBLIC TOILET?!? really?! ugh! I wanna become an actress but this paparazzi thing is flippin annoying me!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OVPXLJ7U4VDDY3KQK45BCMU7RM Ashley

    then if you guys are complaining about the press then why are you here? 

  • http://www.fragranceexpert.com/ Perfume

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