Video: Watch Dakota Fanning in the trailer for ‘Now is Good’

Check out this great new (sad) trailer for Dakota Fanning’s film Now is Good. Guys, how adorable is Jeremy Irvine?? This movie looks like a tearjerker!

  • Earthdragon69

    One word: WOW

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UWSEW5LRVQOKQIOWKYUHTYPN44 Babymine

    wow. That looks really sad but very good!

  • Scotepassion

    I'm dying to see that! Looks so good. 

  • Uuuhmanda

    reminds me of a walk to remember.

  • kirsty

    that looks awesome 

  • Mughal_queen2000

    feels like “a walk to remember”

  • jersey82

    cant wait to see it …WOW!!

  • C_White_Writes

    I've read the book!! It's called Before I Die and is amazing! Didn't know they were making a film, looks so good =) x

  • Misscarealll

    wow i almost cried just watching the preview. lol it looks awesome.

  • Tabitha

    me either!

  • Kiimmy_24

     this so does remind me of walk to remember this is going to be so sad :( but i wanna see it 

  • Johnsonfam76

    when is it coming out??

  • kelly1220

    wow !! no puedo esperar para verla se parece un poco a a walk to remember.. (wow! I can not wait to see it…It looks a bit like a walk to remember)..

  • annie

    love it, cant wait to see it..

  • Kimberly

    I am a big fan of Dakota Fanning, I can't wait to see it.

  • http://byJess.net/ Jess Bachman

    one word, rip off…

  • Shannachapman

    looks good!!!! <3

  • jade_team_edward

    it looks like his trying to look like taylor 

  • sassah

    The story is the same as in “A walk to remember” (a girl about to die)  But here, as the title says, it talks and insists more about what she living through at the Now-moment. I don't really now what else this is about. I think imma read the book before watching it.

  • Ashley K

    awww that does look like a sad movie :(   Interesting to see Dakota with a British accent. I'd love to see that movie :D

  • Mk-scorpio

    the dad is the probation worker from misfits lol the last one they killed

  • Lisa

    I barely realized it was like, a walk to remember! Except, in that movie the girls marries, and is actually a good girl. But this one, Dakota is a law-breaker and a bit of a rebel lol 
    but yeah, will give this movie a try when it comes out on DVD.

  • Silvia Castillo

    i want to see it!!!! Jeremy Irvine is so handsome ;)

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