MyAnna Buring talks Tanya, Breaking Dawn filming, Robert Pattinson and more

MyAnna Buring, who plays Tanya Danali in The Twilight Saga, talks about her role in the films with Entertainment.ie!

I’ll take your word for it so. Your role in part 1 of Breaking Dawn is quite small but we’ll be seeing more of you in the penultimate instalment?
Yea that’s right. Well obviously the Denalis are kind of more involved in the story in part 2. One of her sisters, Irina is the cause of why the Volturi are alerted to the existence of Renesmee. Tanya’s coven are the first to stand up and join forces against the Volturi with the Cullens and and Tanya is their leader, so yea, they play a slightly bigger part.

For the uninitiated, (shame on them) can you tell us a little more about the character you play?
Well Tanya Denali is the head of the Denalis. She’s a very old vampire who’s been around for thousands of years. She’s actually been described as being one of the original Succubi.

A Succi-whaty? This is getting awfully geeky now.
Essentially the Succubus is a mythical figure – who used to come in and cause trouble with innocent men.

Right, back to Tanya.
Tanya and her sisters have a bit of a back story. She also has a back story in that she has held a torch for Edward Cullen for hundreds of years, [he's only been around for 107, mind] and now with Bella on the scene, she believes that Bella is actually meant for him.

Read more, including what MyAnna has to say about working with Robert Pattinson, here.

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  • E&B

    Who the hell did this interview? First off, penultimate means next to last, and part 1 is the second to last movie, so are they saying your role in part one was small but we'll be seeing more of you in part 1??  Secondly, acting like you don't know what a succubi is and saying “this is getting awfully geeky”? In what way is a female vampire who sleeps with mortal men geeky? And if you know anything about vampires, or mythology you should have heard of it before. Are they purposely trying to sound ditzy?

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