Rachelle Lafevre Cast as Lead in CBS Drama Pilot ‘Applebaum’

Rachelle is the latest in a series of Twilight cast members who have been cast in upcoming pilots! Here is what Deadline is reporting!

A Gifted Man co-star Rachelle Lefevre is staying at CBS as the lead in another drama series project. The Twilight alumna is set in the title role of CBS’ drama pilotApplebaum, produced by CBS TV Studios, which is also behind A Gifted Man. Based on Ayelet Waldman’s Mommy Track Mysteries series of books, Applebaum centers on Juliet Applebaum (Lefevre), a former public defender who becomes a private investigator to keep from being bored to death as a stay-at-home mom. Chris Columbus is directing the pilot from a script by Ayelet, Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper. The four are executive producing with Michael Barnathan and Jeff Rake who serves as showrunner. For Lefevre, the project is formally in second position to A Gifted Man, which ended its modestly rated freshman season last night.

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  • imabelieber

    who is that?

  • Neko

    Victoria from twilight

  • Katkelsey0013

    She played the original Victora in Twilight and New Moon.

  • Candaceeaster

    I thought she did a great job as victoria! She was missed in eclipse

  • 9figgy

    I love your work Rachelle!
    I missed you in Eclipse…I watch for you whenever I see you being cast in a role, you're a stand out…keep up the good work!

  • Tweetebird2009

    I felt she should have been in the whole Twilight series it just wasn't the same without her.  She was definitely the best one to play Victoria. 

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I missed her as Victoria too, she brought a certain feline quality to the role, that Bryrce just didn't have.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZCHSAVIEWVHGD774R3SLZG6PPM Whitney Whitworth

    is she not going to be on the gifted man anymore?

  • T_craddick

    I love the show A Gifted Man…She's awesome

  • LilyNThorns

     That what I was just about to ask! I thought she was doing great on that show!

  • martha garcia

    success for rachelle 

  • Gloriadawnlewis

    She was awesome  as a nomad vampire, VICTORIA ;  with JAMES her nomad evil mate in the TWILIGHT  SAGA'S!  TWILIGHT  &  NEW MOON…..  then they did her wrong and replaced with that ham actress  for  the ending in ECLIPSE ..the VAMPIRE  newborn war to kill Bella & the Cullens family….!  I wish her sucess!   She is awesome.   When something  becomes famous  from the  original  stars   they need to keep them, because their part made it happen!….I love the TWILIGHT  …but I'm very upset on their decisions  about her….even if is going to end her in ECLIPSE !   Her mate,JAMES went after BELLA & the Cullens ended; James, so Victoria  went after Bella for revenge  to Edward Cullen ;to destroy  his mate,Bella!  RACHELLE  a successful   future to you .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Cox/1368360447 Jon Cox

    she was a great Victoria but Im sad I didnt her again in Eclipse even though I thought Bryce Dallas Howard did a good job
    Ive only seen one episode of A Gifted Man, its like every other hospital drama but shes good in it
    shes getting a lot TV work these days

  • jcwagen

    LOVE A gifted Man   .. and she is a main character and plays a great role

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