UK Twilight Fan Event

To celebrate the UK release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 HMV is having a very unique fan event! Here are the details!

Head HERE to learn more!

  • Steph Paterson96

    I wish i could attend :(

  • amzyangel92

    WHY am I not in London this week!?!?!?!!! :( The ONE WEEK I'm not! :( x

  • Lagle kristjan

    deem I live to far  . like in europ. 

  • Taniaissimo

    i personally think every HMV store should show it not just one!

  • X-sarah_89-x

    i wish i could go :(  

  • Mj 72

    mm think devon is a bit too far from london

  • Dawnhall74

    I dont live in UK someone want to fly me out . I am in California .lol 

  • Tree60ne

    I wish I could attend also, I would love to meet Edward. I love these movies

  • jade_team_edward

    so not fair i cant afford to travel to london from shoreham

  • Bblondie3506

    I wish I could go,I would really enjoy meeting any of the cast from Twight but Indiana is a little too far to travel and expensive to fly. But good luck to all that can.

  • Ana_moon

    i wish i could!

  • Moonwater




  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    Me too! :/ 

  • Sandycat53

    so wish i could attend but will be at work, but hope it goes well! 

  • TanyaEJCullen

    why couldnt they do it in birmingham aswell -.-

  • http://slb96.polyvore.com/ slb96

    what?! if i had known about this earlier i could at least TRIED to persuade my mum to take me to london for the weekend… 

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