‘Becoming Edward’ FREE on Kindle for 1 day on Thursday, March 8th

Some of you may remember our giveaway for the book Becoming Edward by Faye Meredith a while back. If you didn’t win a copy back then, now’s your chance to get it!

Becoming Edward will be FREE to download from Amazon on Kindle this Thursday. It’s the story of a guy who starts dressing up like Edward Cullen to attract a girl who’s a massive Twilight fan. Trouble is he gets it wrong and it kind of goes to his head, with disastrous consequences. It’s set in the UK and is a light-hearted, fun novel about what happens when obsession goes too far. Perfect for both Twilight and non-Twilight fans.

You can get it for nothing on Kindle from 8am to 8pm GMT on Thursday March 8th in the UK (from 12am PT/3am PT on Thursday March 8th) or it can be bought on paparback at Amazon.co.uk for £5.00.

Below are links to grab your copy:

Amazon.co.uk Kindle
Amazon.com Kindle
Amazon.co.uk paperback (£5.00)
Amazon.com paperback

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    Has anyone read this? Is it any good?

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