Mia Maestro to Appear in new Film Adaptation ‘Some Girls’

Indie Wire has announced that Mia Maestro will appear in the film adaptation of Neil LaBute’s play, Some Girls.

News of the film adaptation of Neil LaBute’s play, “Some Girls,” has been slim the past few months, withKristen Bell coming on board a couple of days ago, and Adam Brody joining back in January, but recently a slew of impressive additions have emerged for the Jennifer Getzinger-directed film.

The plot follows Brody’s character, who on the eve of his wedding searches out his ex-girlfriends, all of whom are none too pleased for the surprise. According to THREmily Watson, the latest and final casting decision, plays one of the exes, Lindsay, while Zoe Kazan, Jennifer Morrison, and Mia Maestro play the other women. LaBute is producing the film with Leeden Media in addition to supplying the adapted script, so the final product is sure to retain his signature dialogue and witty characters.

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