New photo of Jackson Rathbone from Eclipse by David Slade

David Slade has shared many photos from his time on the set of Eclipse. Here is one of Jackson Rathbone in his civil war garb for Jasper’s flashback scenes. Loved this look and what a great photo!

  • http://twitter.com/AnnaLiggins1 Anna Liggins

    lookin good jackson

  • Mamabev58

    Love this. Would love to see more.

  • Tianna

    He is so sexy! Even more so in that uniform. yummmmmmy!

  • Stephanie

    Gosh he's Yummy!

  • Megnjlg4110

    SOOOO sexy!!!!

  • Missicherry0895

    hell yeah!!!

  • Skylishxxx

    phaaaawwww!!!!!! hes the best and sexiest vampire in the whole movie!!!!! :L xx

  • Abrilm99

    Beautiful picture and Jackson is as good looking as ever.

  • twilight_princes0308

    can i have one? :) surely my bf will understand lol

  • JaliceCullen

    10000% Team Jasper! No chance for Edward!

  • Claire


  • biggirlbri

    WOW! Just WOW!!!

  • Sanimun

    he is the man………………

  • Mwells81

    Team Jasper all the way!  Edward is too overrated!

  • HappyOne

    OMG!! I could just eat him up!

  • Vix

    He is as sexy in real life too ;)

  • Kelliekell98

    mmmmmm…….I'm hungry and I think I would love some JASPER!!!! He is looking soooo hotttt!!! Eeeeep! There is no team Edward….overrated….TEAM JASPER ALL THE WAY, BABY!!!!!

  • H12208m

    Hollywood Kay hutay !!

  • Btrcup12

    So sexy! Team Jackson <3

  • urbanrocker

    He is just so damn gorgeous!

  • teamjacob

    Though I'm on Team Jacob, I LOVE Jasper because he's the weird, different one like me. And he's hot!

  • TwilightLuva

    edward is amazing!!! btw what is up with the tan?

  • TwilightLuva

    edward is cute
    jacob is hot an sexy
    jasper is cool
    thats all there is to it :P

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