Photos: Rob and Kristen arrive at LAX airport

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart landed back in Los Angeles yesterday after spending time in Paris.

See more photos here.

  • Samantha

    LOL as wearing sunglasses indoors wasn't going to draw attention to them.

  • Chasp

    did she have red eyes?

  • Lorrainehogan1968

    but are they still 2gether romour has it they are NOT

  • Girlkatrin

    love you bella and edwort 

  • Jettemae

     Kristen Stewart you rock :)

  • Fatty


  • Deborahjmahaffy

    Oh holy crap 4 real?

  • Arilover

    it's not edwort it's Edward AKA Robert Pattinson lol 

  • MrsRobinson

    poor babies somebody always trying to be there for the shot. i think they are brilliant actors, have good business savvy, they work well together and they are young. hello it's called a life. why don't you just let them live it. an adoring fan.

  • Arilover

    I'm not happy he shaved his head :(

  • Edward

    are they dating and i still  love rob

  • Brandeelynn13

    They are together, just seen a interview with kristen this week, she won't say no but won't admit it, and no matter how ya do it people are still going to be talking, so i guess let them talk,  everrrryone knows they are together

  • Bella&Edward

    I still love ROB

  • Ayriesmanuel

    I bet that they are actually dating it wouldn't surprise me…

  • Darl Leblanc

    they are together, raise their dog…. working on different projects, just trying to have a life

  • http://twitter.com/dezzii87 Desiree Furcron

    They are dating!

  • Jennifer35

    They have been dating off and on, since the first movie, they were living together.

  • twilightmania

    Has been printed many times that because of the fan reaction; they're security details will not allow them to be seen in public together.  Would cause an uproar and one of them or a fan might get hurt.

  • TwilightMom

    I commented on a different pic, and it was deleted because whomever runs this Page apparently didn't like what I had to say, so I run the Risk of Pissing off the Powers To Be again, BUT some People are leaving comments saying “Leave them alone” and “there ALWAYS has to be someone there to get a Shot, Leave them alone”…
    Ummm…Hello People They are Actors, they chose this Life and having People Mob them & Always taking Pics comes with the Territory!!! 
    I am a HUGE Fan of them & The Twilight Series, and wouldn't know what to do if I ever came close to them BUT Their Famous, so they Have to Deal and don't need Hardcore Fans telling people to leave them alone!!!
    I'm Sorry, but it ANNOYS me to NO End when something Negative is Written about either of them and People “Fans” Comment like they know them Personally and get Nasty with people for being Honest…if certain People don't feel the same as other People doesn't make them Wrong or any less a Fan!!! GET A GRIP PEOPLE!!!!

  • Shayrye

    they got married

  • Angelalindsey

    I totally agree with you. I love them too but I think they deserve to get off a plane with getting there pics taken. Can you imagine living like that?

  • me

    I think that most of the comments about leaving them alone are in regard to the paparazzi not fans. When they land at the airport, or are out to dinner, shop whatever tons of paparazzi wait for them, stalk them…. Take free, intrusive pics of them to sell. Rob and Kristen are usually very gracious to the fans and have made it clear they love the fans but definitely not the paparazzi! 

  • Lostforever89

    ok people, listen to their interviews, don't read what the paparazzi says. the paparazzi tell their stories for the fans to buy it, that's how they make their money. Kristen and Rob are a couple and only need to say it once. I've been frustrated over this so many times. I'm pretty sure that some idiot is gonna print a new story tomorrow saying there's trouble in paradise and show theses pics. Just look at thoses pics they don't look to happy, but who can blame them after a long flight? I love seeing pics of theses 2 cause I am a huge fan but I do wish the paparazzi would leave them alone.

  • Samantharoebuck

    They been together for awhile now since txhey were making films twilight and i love the all film

  • BelMe

     Let them be, when they are away from the airport, it's good to know they arrived safely.

  • Grammakl2

    Totally agree, it's not the fans that are the problem it's the paparazzi. They can't breathe with how many of them there are surrounding every move they make.

  • Ilovemyfamily953

    Have you been sleeping under a rock? They've been dating for quite a while.

  • Bobble Chick


  • Annakristinapineda27

    OhhH..all i can say is..i just love seeing them together..it makes my day happy..:)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIEK2TN57KGBMQVJE5NH7BXRYA April C

    Geez, your comment annoys me to no end. Maybe you should find a hobby or something…

  • Jsscdht

    They have been together for a while now I love them together they have been dating forever love it

  • Philboy19

    They are more than dating people. They live together and own a dog together. Leave them alone, They don't have to tell anyone anything.

  • Philboy19

    Aww that's too bad, because I am sure he did it just for you.

  • Domlolo45

    il sont en couple ou pas dans la vrai vie?

  • Evasingh

    i love jodi of eedwardand bella

  • Evasingh

    i love jodi of edward and bella 

  • Richards Jillian

    Guys I understand what u r saying but if it weren't for the paparazzi we wouldn't know a thing about them think about that and I still love those 2 as a couple

  • Cari Ledbetter

    such a cute cupple

  • Mpsquelette

    rob tu es trop beau 

  • just a girl

    Totally agree with Twilight mom ….they want the attention if they didn't have it then that would be sad because that means that their acting career is going down hill. Because of the paparazzi always fillowing them is how we get these pic and how fans get more attached to these actors. I have nothing against them but some fans just act like the know them and get all offended I love the twilight saga and actors but idk I'm not to crazy over these actors. And I don't mean to offend but since we are stating our opinions.

  • Berna-werner

    i agree with u, twilight mum
    they knew before what could have been happening, if twilight was successful (what was quite… easy to see, cuz the books were selling quite good at this time)

    even though it sucks, to have no real privacy anymore and i feel loads of pity… but they knew it when they made the decsion to star the both protagonists.

  • Giuliacullen!!!x

    Robert and Kristen are very cute together, but the problem is that they are repeatedly chased by the paparazzi …I wish but that they spend more time with each other and that the paparazzi could equally their left …Sadd… x

  • dspott

    these are old pictures

  • Kaberlesbabyleaf4life

    Its true and also saying theres trouble in paradise and showing this picture does nothing….these are two seperate shots….theyre not even walking off the plane together and or even walking together in this shot so it does nothing…..theyre probably tired and just tired of the paps

  • Basil_213

    God why do people feel sorry for them I wish i were in there position with millions of pounds think i could handle having photos taken coming off a plane. They go to places where the cameras will be like Paris for instance.  All PR and Marketing to keep them in the public eye. If they do not like it then retreat somewhere and stop travelling every other week around the world!

  • Mia

    Maybe if they just officially admitted that they're a couple, the papparazzi wouldnt bother them that much. After all, I think that's all papparazzi want: a picture of them kissing, holding hands… whatever; the more “romantic” and accurate the picture, the more they get paid.
    But Rob and Kristen still dont wanna say anything official about their relationship (which by now, I think its pretty obvious) and that's what keeps paparazzi around them. So I think its pretty dumb of them (Robsten) to ask to be left alone if they're the ones that keep the interest and the doubt alive.
    Maybe a little walk down the red carpet together and a public kiss would calm the media down and eventually they would be left alone.
    Now, this is just a thought people… I dont know if they have recently done any statements publicly.. and of course that I dont know if by doing this they would effectively be left alone.

  • Falcon5914

    It would be nice if they could just say they would do some frequent scheduled candid shoots and then be left alone the rest of the time but unfortunately as long as people continue to buy pictures like these, they will continue bothering them.

  • tieshabtwilightme

    I don't think they choose to have every minute of their lives documented in the tabloids…they chose to entertain the universe with their magnificent skills for portraying fictional characters. Being bombarded at an airport terminal is just something they chose to except. Just because they're famous doesn't mean they don't deserve moments of peace…

  • http://www.whatchalookinat-kl.blogspot.com/ K2☼__Ami♥BD2♀Csmpls♠

    No kidding. Hollywood Life already printed a negative story. But Gossip Cop busted it! Yay!! I wouldn't smile with these paps getting in my face either…and knowing some of the awful things they shout at them…urg! They could have just woken up from their long flight, too. Unfortunately the paps aren't going to leave them alone till probably after BD2…and even then they know their fan base is huge. As much as we wish it…we'll just have to deal with it the best we can for them. ♥ When they put my fave actors safety at risk, though…is when I get really steamed! ☺

  • Fizza Khalid 95

    i totally agree !

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