Kellan Lutz: Out and About in Malibu- March 10

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  • liz

    I love Kellan but hate pics like this, from the way they've both reacted, it's quite obvious they want to be left alone, this is so not fair, it's not as if he doesn't pose for enough publicity shoots so why isn't he left alone to enjoy his private life in peace? poor Kellan :-( xx

  • Kim78

    I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!  These “pap smears” should back on up a bit & give these peole some room to breathe / get around.  They're obviously invading their personal space, as evident by Kellan trying to hide his face under the brim of his cap.  There's quite a difference between having a million flashbulbs going off in your face for a work-related function but when they're trying to live somewhat “normal” lives, it's a bit rediculous.

  • Allicat1976wv

    I agree with you

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