Mackenzie Foy Poses in Audrey Hepburn Style Shoot

This is just too precious! This photo was shot by photographer Dani Brubaker back in 2009.


  • invisiblemaiden

    And people wonder why there are child molesters?

  • Paulapooh052384

    man..she is a beautiful lil girl!!! cant wait to see what will come of her

  • AMLemons

    That's quite adorable! They eyebrows I'm not so sure of…

  • ema

    same thought!

  • ema

    cute but whats with the eyebrows… so sad

  • Moeiiiii

    alice !!!! :) )))

  • Brandic2306

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  • Eardleypam

    Thats no where near as bad as the Tots and Tiara KIDS!!!   This is cute and temporary, those beauty pageant kids have to have the parents watch there backs!  Those are the kids the sickos look at!

  • Millemote

    OMG ! Cutest in the world, look like a princess

  • Rocamaryelin

    Because they are sick of the mind none should do harm to an innocent child no matter how he/or she looks!

  • Jessicacoker412

    Why would u say something like that? Its a picture! ! Are u a child molester????? You must be if you see sonething like that outta this pictire

  • Paenutbutters

    why bring up child molesters? its inappropriate! 

  • Anusha_is

    OMG she looks sooooo cutie <3

  • Annieb83

    Renesmee!!!! ;)

  • Idigdogs81

    they really shouldn't dress little girls up like woman its just not cool

  • SamanthaSays2012

    I agree!

  • Amylyn Clement

    I get what you mean. Making children look like adults is disturbing but I get the fun in this photoshoot. But I know where you're coming from. The world is trying to make kids grow up too fast now and days. There are studies that show that kids want to be “sexy” because of more and more young stars that portray that. That's disturbing!

  • justamom

    Children wanting to grow up isn't new news…I was one that wanted to grow up and your belly shirts as a teenager, but my mom made sure I didnt…I don't see how her portraying an adult in this picture makes her want to grow up…she is taking a picture…no one knows what anyone is thinking or feeling by looking at this picture…she is POSING FOR A PHOTO SHOOT!!!

  • guest

    She is fully clothed ! this is a glam shot she is an actress this is how you build your portfolio .. If you look at this or pictures like this and inappropriate thoughts automatically come to your mind maybe you should go get checked out! don't blame children for the reason of molestation it's the people the fault is the people that do it   and its in grey and white she's not wearing anything racy or any make up  

  • wiccawitch

    She is adorable, and what a fun photo. I must add that even though she is dressed as an adult, she still looks like a child. It doesn't matter to a child molester  what a child is wearing or if they have on make up or not. Unfortunately those types have been around for hundreds of years and will continue to be around as long as society allows them to live. To me they are no better than a rabid dog, and what would we do to a rabid dog? I'm just sayin . . . 

  • C_barcoe

    Scandalous dressing a child up like this should NOT be allowed !!!!!

  • Katelynn-nguyen

    She is being portrayed as a famous, classy, beautiful icon.  So chic!

  • BMC

     Wish I had a Love This button

  • Kaseyneiggemann

    Mackenzie Foy looks Adorable in this Picture she looks like a Cute Adorable Little Princess. 

  • BMC

    Beautiful photo. I agree about the eye brows.

  • Rnbarrow

    When i was a child i would play dress up in my mothers clothes and heals, she would take pictures of me and send them to friends and family. How is that any different…it's not, her picture just gets seen more because she is a child actress. This is NOTHING more than a little girl playing dress up.

  • Yayiramos

    I agree, little girls should look like little girls. They have the rest of their lives to be and look like adults.

  • Sjferrel

    So darling….Dahling!  ;)

  • proudmommyof3

    WOW ladies and gentlemen, its dress up, do you think the same of kids on Halloween??? Shes cute and when shes done getting her picture taken, she will take the outfit and make up off and be a little girl again…geesh get over it!

  • anon

    This was an iconic photo shoot.  She is supposed to look like Audrey Hepburn and she does!  That's why the eyebrows. 

  • Ana_moon


  • wiccawitch

    Yes, lets sweep it under the rug. After all ignorance is bliss, right?

  • wiccawitch

    That's right, even though she is dressed as an adult she still looks like a child. If a person looks at her and sees anything other than a child, then maybe they have a problem.

  • Eeka

    she looks adorable :) it's just a picture and how lucky is she, that she gets to play Renesmee!?

  • Christy

    It's just a picture folks  :)

  • Coolcatash1

    Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon, and this picture is adorable

  • Evafterglow

    is it me or is she really Kristen and Robs child!!! Honest to goodness, they picked TOO good!!! LOL

  • Lea8680

    Omg its a picture people need ta chill

  • Hmr9687

    She is wearing make up, along with top lashes, shaped/filled eyebrows, lip gloss (lips are a darker shade than normal) and hair extintions. Given this is a cute black and white photo and Im sure the little girl felt like a princess getting dolled up but it goes a little more than playing dress up. All the added stuff (named above) was probably not necessary but look at the world we live in. We make it easily encouraged for little girls to have all these thing and as adults we are in awe at how adorable they are. I am a mother of 3 little girls that LOVE to play dress up, make up and hair included… all for fun. But we as adult should keep it fun and approperate and we have to remember no matter what there has been and will always be Pervs out there looking at children in sick ways no matter what the child is wearing or dressed.

  • Pcpaty4

    you people are stressing really….the picture doesn´t mean she wants to be and adult … it`s  just a PICTURE…. you`re seing things that are not there….relax…. she is a little girl in a picture… leave her alone… and critic yourselves

  • Jessie Smitherton

    This picture is wrong in every way possible. You can't be disgusted by child beauty pageants and then parade this To kids. Its wrong!! Let kids be kids.

  • Jadewhitworth

    what a beautiful young lady, playing dress up … nothing wrong with it at all!!!!

  • Crylikememphis

    you guys are crazy, it's a beautiful photograph of a beautiful little girl. im sure people arent always trying to “sexualize” kids when they do photos like this. quit reading too much into it.

  • Jennyda3

    Audrey Hepburn! Love her! I'd rather my daughter want to dress up like her rather than lady gaga or someone of that sorts. This is a beautiful photo!

  • Yankees817

    omg she's so cute!

  • brneyedgrrl

    Stupid comments, she looks adorable.

  • Nicole

    She looks like a very classy little lady! Very beautify!

  • Gyleches

    Please stop dumping on the person who made the child molester remark.  That's how she feels and she doesn't approve of dressing up little girls as women. Leave it alone.

  • Jenni

    OH NO! I see shoulders and arms! call the police, this must be sexualizing a child. Honestly, Audrey Hepburn was an iconic role model. There is nothing wrong with this photo shoot. Miss. Foy is not being portrayed in any disturbing way. Dear lord, shes wearing make-up, WHAT A SIN! now there mine as well be no child actors anymore. ANYONE in film, television, modelling, or theater wears makeup, even babies! now is it wrong to look at clothing flyers that have children posing in kids clothes because they are wearing make-up? Mackenzie is not posing in a derogatory manner, shes standing straight, smirking at the camera. She is also not wearing any revealing clothing. I do not see how anyone can think this is wrong. Is it because its a photo shoot? What if that dress was white and she was in a wedding party and there were pictures of her at the wedding. Would everyone be commenting on how controversial it is? Everyone in the world needs to relax, Half of the problems on this earth are caused by people overreacting. This is an adorable old style photo, that is bringing back the iconic style of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. If you have a serious belief that this photo is wrong, you need to rethink your morals and values.

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