New Still of Daniel Cudmore from ‘Rites of Passage’

Daniel is looking very nice in this new still from his film Rites of Passage which has a Winter 2012 release date!

Source: TeamDanielCudmore

  • liz

    WOW!! lovin that bod of his lol ;-) xx

  • Steph

    Daniel has a rockin bod!!!…Oh lordy!!!

  • http://www.picshits.blogspot.com/ Amisha patel

    Daniel looking nice but girl looking ugly….

  • Lord_jeraya67

    uhhhhh sexy the girl tooo^^

  • Bryan

    would love to lick this guy

  • Bryan

    would love to suck his cock also

  • Variz

    wew is a very dangerous

  • Jesimcock

    wot i wud love 2 do  2 him mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Angieniko2

    Really! You just had to make this pic as inappropriate as you are…SICKO!!!!!

  • Ashley:)

    Haha sexy bod u got there;)

  • Michaela5797

    hey peeps

  • Louisegraham

    Oh my Goddess!…..Daniel is a great big dose of YES PLEASE….c'mon, admit it people, we're all thinking it…what we would do to that god of a man… : )

  • Greeneyedgirl435

    Do does he play in Twilight again?

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