Exclusive Pics from ‘SWATH’ Panel at Wondercon

I was lucky to get into the SWATH panel at Wondercon yesterday and was completely surprised when I walked in to see Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron on the stage!! Here are some of my pics. My seat was pretty far back so I apologize for the poor picture quality! Also, the new trailer they showed..AMAZING!! That’s all I can say!

  • Xstitchingrt

    I'm excited to see Snow White. 

  • imen

    thanks for these pics!! dont worry for the quality, they're nice!! :p
    i think it was great to see both of kristen stewart and charlize theron !! you're very lucky!!

  • Ingille Sajol

    soooo pretty and frustrating!!
    very nice shoot.
    i like it.

  • Michelle_Triana

    Kristen You're SO  cool :D

  • Diane63spencer

    great pics   cant wait to see movie   looking forward to chris hemsworth as the huntsman

  • Berna-werner

    me too haha

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