‘The Host’ trailer to debut on March 22nd!

Stephenie Meyer’s official website has been updated today with news about the official trailer for The Host. You may recall a contest was held for fans to be featured in the trailer, and the winners have also been announced!

Congratulations to our six trailer contest winners! These awesome fans will appear in The Host teaser trailer:

  • Angie Cason – Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Ethan Polson – Ankeny, Iowa
  • Linda Barnes – Dinuba, California
  • Lisa M. Hayman – Covington, Indiana
  • Cody Billingsley – Arkadelphia, Arkansas
  • Danielle Hickin – Endwell, New York

And when will you get to see all of these beautiful people? Very, very soon! The trailer will be debuting Thursday, March 22nd on-air via Access Hollywood and online via Yahoo! Movies.

For more info—and to get a peek at the faces you should be looking for—please visit the movie fan page at facebook.com/thehostmovie!


  • Brandi

    Bet it's gonna play in front of “The Hunger Games”

  • Mbutler79

    When does the movie come out?

  • trevor davis

    but is ok i be on the movie of twilight i'm fan

  • Anita Hemmingway

    This is one of the most creative novels!  I really enjoyed reading it!

  • Kaylaandjoel

    march 29, 2013

  • Worknmama1981

    i liked it too– would love it if she added a sequel to it

  • Jakemyfatboy

    The book is great. Hope the movie is just as good will certainly watch for the movie.

  • Abigail Fedele

    i absolutely loved this book, it was unlike any book i've ever read (extremely different and unique) and i can't wait to see the movie, and im just crossing my fingers that the trailer will  just happen to pop up before the hunger games movie

  • wonderwoman

    im sure it will

  • crisu

    can't wait for it!!!!!!!2013 will be coming out but don't know exactly when..

  • crisu

    29march2013 will be out :D it's on the official website

  • Bargercamillia

    Lpve the book

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