MTV’s wish list for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer

MTV‘s Kara Warner has created her wish list for the teaser trailer coming up next week for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2!

Arm Wrestling and Other Bella-as-a-Vampire Scenes
So Bella is a vampire now. Hopefully that doesn’t surprise anyone at this point, since everyone who saw “Breaking Dawn – Part 1″ got a little sneak peek of those freaky-colored eyes of hers. As such, we should see a whole new side of Bella in this movie, including an arm wrestling match with Emmett. “I am hoping to see some vampire action in the full trailer,” Mathews said. “There are some great training scenes from the book I hope they include, as well as some great cottage scenes with Bella and Edward! I expect to see lots of Bella as a vampire, and I’m OK with that!”

A Lee Pace Sighting
I’ve mentioned my enthusiasm for the new castmembers before, particularly my affection for Lee Pace, but it is worth repeating until more people appreciate him. Pace, whom you might recognize from his excellent work on the short-lived TV series “Pushing Daisies” or Tarsem’s “The Fall,” plays American nomadic vamp Garrett in “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” and although he isn’t one of the major players in the film, his character still has a nice arc and I’m dying to see more of him.

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  • Habeck

    I wanna see her and Edward in the cottage…I wanna see them with nessie….

  • Sharon Silva

    I wanna see what everyone else said plus jacob revealing himself to charlie and bella jumping out window and her dress gets ripped so she rips it even more to make it even

  • Eva-elise

    I want to see when her wekas up til she jumps out of the window…

  • Apottillo

    I hope it has every detail from the book and a little more at the ending BC the book ending was a lil to short for me

  • Madwomen10

    from the start to the finish! everything will be amazing in this film!

  • Emma Robert

    But the fight in part 3 Eclipse that is the best one in all the parts….

  • mellow78

    yes they really do :)

  • mellow78

    yes they really do :)

  • Jaymie

    I think they should put the rest of the end of the book as a movie. Yes it would be exceptionally long but hey what true Twilight fan would not love that? I want to see it all!!!

  • Chicolittlefoot

    Why would Jacob imprint on the baby! Also he has to get over Bella . Wait what is the dad going to say omg

  • LivvyPattinson

    The guy who said the first comment spelt Renesmee wrong:/ I hope they put the arm wrestling scene in the movie i love it!<3

  • Tenwalkntn

    Oh this is gonna be soooooooo good!

  • chloe

    i love you edward so much im your no1 fan all th way xxxxx

  • Gingellejackson

    Im hoping to see more intense vampire loves scenes and hopefuly see the parental side of Edward and Bella but without taking them away from their vampire life style.I hope to see Bella fighting along side her new family in my opinion its about time for her to start fighting back and kicking butt

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