First look at this year’s Hallmark ‘Twilight’ ornament!

The 2012 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament features Bella and Edward dressed in their Breaking Dawn Part 1wedding garb dancing! Twilighters Dream brings us the first image!

Get more information and check for updated details here!

Via TwiLex

  • Darrindeb555

    <3 it!

  • Latindiva

    Its awesome

  • Destiny meckeil

    awesomely amazing i am the altiment twightlight fan i even have dreams about them like last night

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    Great merchandise as always! :D

  • Nicole

    I am so getting one!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Kristin49228159 Kristine



    I cnt wait to get one xx

  • Mamag

    I think Bella's head looks positioned kinda funny…

  • Meroo13

    i love Twilight Its awesome ropert

  • Louna 77


  • Catriceshaw

    Hallmark ornaments come out in July fill out a wish list and reserve your

  • Natasha Springett

    why has edward got a loop on his head

  • Sammie

    Really?? Its an ornament, he has to have a loop so you can hang it on your tree.

  • guest

    because its an ornament.

  • Jenn!

    A beautiful Xmas ornament, and for Twi-fans who are getting married, the COOLEST wedding cake topper! (One would just need to clip off the loop on Edward's head)

  • Sami

    OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! i want one

  • Marcela

    OMG, …… this ornament is beautiful! i'd wish I live near to Hallmark…..   

  • Marcela


  • quest

    Me too !

  • Darbsma

    I think they are getting ready to kiss. That's why it looks weirdly positioned.

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    She wants Edward to bite her…Duh. :-P

  • Chadhollywoodpurple

    im soo putting that on top of my wedding cake. thanks for the idea jenn 

  • carol

    i am gonna get one love all the twilight movies cant wait for breaking dawn 2

  • Mothertokatie0417

    I have yo have one

  • kim

    its an ornament…duh

  • Mcwatermelon

    Ahhhhhhhhh so much real love, ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • Angerocksathalo

    Re do! cool kinda but… looks kinda??? off a bit… that is all.

  • TwilightersDream

    The ornament will be available on July 14. Check your local Hallmark store in mid May or end of June for a Dreambook and Wish list to reserve your selections early.

  • Jenn!

    Awww! You're welcome! (Just call me 'Twi-Martha Stewart'! lol!)

  • Linda Thomson

    I will defo be buying one x

  • bosy cat

    I love twilight movies

  • Ana_moon


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