Rob Pattinson Spotted in Beverly Hills March 20th

Rob was spotted leaving a business meeting in Beverly Hills on March 20th. Here are some pics!

Source: RPL

  • Lozy2005

    and !!!!!!!

  • Victoria


  • http://twitter.com/sophiexboo Sophie Beatson

    Seriously?  Who gives a crap.  So Robert Pattinson is walking around.  Wow.  What news.

  • Kaberlesbabyleaf4life

    That man seriously needs to get rid of that hideous beard lol

  • christyandbryan

    he is so hot

  • Ktp830708

    These pics suck! What is the point of bragging about these? I feel sorry for the celebs in this world, the paparazzi need to learn to give them some privacy. 

  • Mommaesha

    I agree!  It is a shame that they can't even walk out in public without a camera being put in there face.

  • Jeana Patnaik

    I agree, Paprazzi needs to give them some privacy, no big deal he was out and about doing his business….but sadly we were all curious and looked, lol

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    And this is the part when everyone starts jizzing themselves over some stupid paparazzi photos of a bum….

  • Amber4

    some people like to see him anywhere

  • Choowie2000

    i wonder what movie he is doing next??????

  • Carebear6798

    i dont get why people are interested in watching celebs walking around yes theyre in movies and what not but they are people LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!
    ps Rob is hot lol

  • Nyleo174


  • Gowjen

    I miss his hair :/

  • http://twitter.com/KuulGerl Alicia Simpson

    i agree…they need space…but then again, here we are commenting (lol)…it's bitter/sweet for celebs…that's how they become a household name but they too need some peace…i guess you give that up when you want to be famous/wellknown

  • Dseck100

    He's just aperson like you and me but  taylor is hot

  • Irene Martinez18

    For ur F Y I he an't no bum.

  • Leannebukley87

    i also agree there s no need for us to see him walking down the street ( unless that entailed him wearing no clothes lol ). just leave them alone

  • Elisa

    sencillamente perfecto, es un hombre muy atractivo

  • RPattzFan


  • Elisa

    Sus canciones tambien son preciosas.
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     Asique les recomiendo musica de pattinson, bon iver o sencillamente musica clasica, o bandas sonoras de peliculas, como por ejemplo los chicos del coro

    His songs are also beautiful.
      I am an illustrator and studied fine arts and is also playing some other instrument and its music is very relaxing and very inspiring when drawing still life, cause you any new ideas that point in my book artist (which always llebo above) and model and make sculptures, in addition to listening for pleasure.    So here I recommend pattinson music, bon iver or simply classical music or movie soundtracks, such as choir boys

  • Diane

     so true i know i don't need to see every thing they do they did a great job in
    the movie and i hope they gite more movies that i would like to see them in
    but  i think in the job that they do they make sheer that there fans know what we need to know so they don't loose  use as a fan  and i dont need tn know were they eat,shop,vacation,our ho they are sleeping with real life is hard enough with out the hole world knowing all your problems so enjoy the movie openings and what they wont you to know about  movies are to take you away from real life so y not live the to worlds apart

  • Bdthiesen

    You know it is ok for people to want to see their favorite celebrites, when they are doing regular things.  It shows us that they are human,and don't worry, I am sure Rob knew they would be taking pictures of him.  In fact, he would probably be disappointed if they didn't.

  • Cbartlett77

    Totally agree – they are still people – entitled to a life. Ps also agree that Rob is hot!

  • guest

    Poor Rob :( Yes we love him, but it's sad he has someone around every corner.  It must suck to always be looking over your back for the cameras.

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