Teaser trailer revealed for Robert Pattinson’s ‘Cosmopolis’

The first trailer, a 30-second teaser, for Cosmopolis, starring Robert Pattinson and directed by David Cronenberg, was released this morning. It is not for the faint-of-heart (or younger audiences). In addition, it appears the run time will be 1 hour 48 minutes.

YouTube Preview Image

Also, the official poster has been released in HQ (above) (thanks to SpunkRansom for the link).

  • Melissa

    oh, my!

  • Anna

    What the….o.O

  • Nikki


  • thedancingchihuahua

    Looks like an awesome thrill-ride…..definately something I'd want to go see.

  • Christy

    Oh My! is right.

  • coco5

    ewe…..like rob, don't like the looks of this though.  :(

  • Choowie2000

    cant wait too see this one he is soooo sexy!!!!!

  • TeamBella76

     Won't see it ! Too sexual for me and it seems like one of those semi violent porn movies. But I'm still happy for Rob !

  • robfan

    looks really good another raunchy film rob is in lol x

  • Jackie

    when is this released? does anyone know yet?

  • Darkangel_is1

    finally…something not so sparkly and already done..it's bold looking and that's always a plus because unlike kira knightly you don't want them to start type casting you and giving you  the same cookie cutter roles..nice!

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    I wonder when the release is.. I think this will be pretty good (but as mentioned, not for younger audiences)!! Can't wait to see anything with Rob in though! :) x

  • Alisanhall

    It says at the end 5/23/12. I wonder if that is when it will come out??

  • jkc


  • jkc

    Whew wee.  That looks very interesting.  Glad to see something different from him.  Shows he has true talent to act…  ;)

  • Jess

    WTF!?! I am left speechless……………

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/63SYGQUORFUVLJ7FMKH5SBLAUU Robyn

    Well Robert just went down the proverbial toilet :( If he wanted to be in porn movies he should have said no to twilight there are way to many teenagers that look up to him and for him to turn to this right away is not a good idea :( I am an unhappy TwilightMom :( Bad choice Rob.

  • Cazybug11

    I will def. see this! Can't freakin wait! <3

  • http://twitter.com/Janie_iturralde Janie Iturralde

    WTF! left speechless, defintely will see it.

  • Bzemom04

    I don't even know what to say… Guess he wanted to get as FAR AWAY as he could from the Romantic Vampire he is known for. Not sure I will see this one. Little to much for me.

  • MO3

    I agree Robert should not have gone to semi-violent-porn after Twilight. I have way too many young friends that LOVE him. Hopefully they never watch this “just because” it has Robert in it. Disappointed. :-( I wont be watching this. 

  • Edwardsgal109

    you all saw him shoot his hand right?

  • AngelChris

    Yes, that's when it's coming out. May 23rd 2012.

  • AngelChris

    It says at the end of the teaser when it's coming out… 5/23/12 aka May 23rd 2012.

  • Shelby

    I think he's showing his range as an actor. He never liked the Twilight saga much and doesn't want to be held back by it. For all those people who think he shouldn't do work like this just because of twilight fans being so young then you're limiting him to a life of fluffy romantic roles that will never get him recognised as respectable talent.

  • laladoza

     Get over it, little girl. He's an ACTOR and this is a story based on a highly acclaimed novel by a very prestigious author. He is not  bound to make choices based on his appeal to teenagers. His duty is to fulfill his ambitions as an artist. This is a bold and smart choice for  him. I, for one, can't wait to see it.

  • Deathbatgirl23

    Definitely going to see this hands down! This role choice doesn't make Rob bad… It's business, and it was a smart choice for him.. we all know he will always be labeled as “Edward”, hopefully with this movie and others that will be coming out will break him out of that “bubble”. My mind has not changed about him, he's a fantastic actor.. ALL of his movies have been amazing! People need to realize that yes, he may be “looked up to” by young girls but then again.. that's where parents need to come in and tell them that Twilight is fake, little girls and that Rob is a real human being.. making a living on acting and that he may do movies that are NOT for young ones.. It's really simple… don't let them see it! I hope Rob does more for lack of a better word “Off the Wall” movies.. Sad that he's getting more bad mouthing over this movie as far as poor choice of a role than he did when he filmed Little Ashes (He's a gay artist, who yes does have a sexual encounter), and I didn't hear anyone complain about that.. So I don't understand what the problem is here.. I'm super proud of Rob, for being himself, and doing what HE wants.. <3 you Rob!

  • Guest

     Little Ashes was filmed way before he became famous with Twilight.  Not many people are familiar with it.

  • Guest

    Too skinny and pale for me.  I'll pass.

  • LoriJo2686

     Not in the USA… we still dont have a Release date. The may date is for France and Brazil. im waiting to hear a release date cause im Def Going to see this one.

  • Mari

    I think this its great for Rob. He need to do more adults movies, not only because he really has talent but he's not a teenager anymore. I will see this as any movie he come out with! :)  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SRVBUTCOVXEYJBL756IFMJE3FY CherylJ

    OMG, I can't believe how many people are referring to this as 'porn' or 'semi-porn' give me a break…because their is sex in it? Rob is a what a 25 or 26 year old MAN…he is NOT a 17 year old vampire! Teenagers look up to him? Well it's the parent responsibility to let them know to look up to Edward in the book/movies…not the actor who is a MAN.  There will be sex in Rob's other movie due out “Bel Ami” too…”OMG porn!” give me a break, this guy is making a living doing what he does…ACTING….I hope he can finally get the praise he deserves as an actor when this movie comes out.

  • Kiyumasdoghouse

     Grow up your children will.

  • Dogluver21296

    i wish Rob the best. i cant particularly watch this film but i know he will nail it. he gives his all in each role he plays and that's what makes him a great actor! only those who really love him will support him in each of his movies <3 :)

  • Deathbatgirl23

    I know, and I understand what you're saying but, if that's the case then why didn't they bad mouth him before Twilight came out then? We all know when someone gets casted for a big role, they dig up all the stuff about them.. So, either way.. I'll never understand the people that say bad things about someone's direction of acting.. instead of just giving their support that they are getting other offers, and NOT being stuck in the “Twilight bubble”. 

  • Redxcat

    OMFG, i might be able to convince my boyfriend to watch this, as long as i lie and tell him its not the, as he says “the gay dude from the twilight thing” stupid boy he wont watch any film where the guys around the same age as him and better looking and even more so if its anything to do with men i find hot which i can say “fworrrrr Pattinson you go boy! 

  • Pamwolfe

    I diagree.  The guy needs to grow as an actor.  That's the only way actors survive

  • Hollie team Edward x

    OMG OMG OMG Rob is finally doing the role he's always wanted never knew this film was gangster genre i thought it was about a man never getting a hair cut lol :) this is the sexiest role Rob has ever done reminds me of a justin timberlake kind of role hot hot hot Rob 

  • Maddy

    It is being relased in France on 5/23/12 around the Cannes Film Festival hence the french subtitles. Cosmopolis does not have a distributer yet and doesn't have a US release date.

  • Arjay

    I'll definitely see this movie but kinda uncertain if this will also be released in the Philippines..

  • Felicia

     Yes, that made me jump lol

  • Jenn!

    This film looks promising! It looks like a complete departure from his usual 'romantic drama' type-casting. I say good on him! Everyone needs to try something new, otherwise they'll forever be pigeon-holed.
    You know who else was pigeon-holed? Shirley Temple. She was forever in people's minds as 'America's Little Sweetheart', that she couldn't pay people to put her in adult roles when she grew up. Ron Howard was determined not to let the same happen to him. So, good on him, too. :)

  • http://wws.picshits.blogspot.com/ I love you and who love ME

    Robert you the best in any things…no matter what's the film is….

  • messenia

    Rob is absolutly perfect in all the performance.

  • Emily Webster

    I applaud Robert Pattinson for taking on this role!  Yes it is a bit shocking i must say, but hes branching out and trying different roles. I loved him in Water For Elephants. I hope to see this movie, and will still support Robert Pattinson no matter what role he does.

  • MrsRobinson

    Twilight was his break into American Movies, he has films from before Twilight. Did you see Salvador Dali? He was great. His range as an actor has been underestimated. He is handsome, talented, funny & a pretty humble guy. I adore him. I am not a teen, tween and I know what I like when I see it !!

  • Cbartlett77

    Ive seen Little Ashes and i enjoyed it – as i have all of Robs Films that i have seen. Even the Bad Mothers Handbook had a certain quality to it – Rob was good in it – though i dont rate it as his best choice (though i think it was more the thing as a whole as opposed to it being Robs acting!) Cant fault anything else ive seen him in though – ive said it before – he never disappoints so i cant wait to see Cosmopolis (or Bel Ami for that matter!)

  • Hizeada

    leave the man alone!!! Good God its time to let go on the Twilight Saga and move on…they're all actors and they want to do different roles. He is a very capable man in acting, directing, producing, and in music. Quit pigeon holing him into Edward…he's not real!!! would you like everything in your life based on a job you did…like if you cleaned port-a-johns and that's all you were ever know as? and it's not up to him to censor what his young fans watch-that suppose to be the parents job,not the actors!!! 

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