New fan photo with Taylor Lautner

A lucky fan spotted Taylor Lautner and snagged a pic with him! We haven’t seen Taylor much so it’s nice to see his face!

Source: Taytaydaily

  • Klautner

    he is my nephew

  • Aga halek

    jacob is awful with hies mustash!!!

  • kim knapp

    o my gosh u got to take a picture with on of the sexxiest men alive… im so jelous

  • Axna_201107


  • Lishatepper

    Lucky gal!

  • amhmammommy

    really funny that he's been seen at a Ralphs and now an apt complex, interesting!!! HMMM wish it was my place!!! LOL I'ld snag him in and keep him to myself…

  • mini

    lucky one

  • Mwp1960

    One handsome nephew! Have a good weekend!!

  • ashley marie garrah

    very lucky girl i live in a town in ontario where no one famous comes haha

  • juana

    she is long happy

  • Nadiaforghani

    Wow, you must be so proud of your nephew, He is  afabtastic actor and I love him so much in Twilight, I am a huge fan of his, I hope I can meet him Uncle :)

  • Vlilone1990

    wish I could meet your nephew

  • lovestruck

    Hey Uncle, are you sexy like this? :)

  • Aimee Parratt

    Omg, I wanna meet him sooo bad!! 

  • Ginger

    My 5 year Old daughter says she is going to marry him LOL.

  • Nadiaforghani

    Do you get a chance to spend time with your nephew sometimes :)

  • Nadiaforghani

    Do you get a chance to spend time with your nephew sometimes :)

  • Marie Mongnot

    It's soooooo cute

  • Maria Tudela

    I want a picture with him!!!!

  • Team Jacob

    Oh my goodness wish I could meet your nephew. That is one beautiful specimen.

  • Gangster

    :D nice

  • Yvonnefaa

    LOL, That guy is lying.Taylor Lautner is not his nephew. That girl is so lucky see to see that cutie.



  • under_my_spell2007@yahoo.com

    hes so hott!!!

  • http://twitter.com/JeniferTinker Jenifer Tinker

    that ” girl” looks a little old to be a twilight fan

  • Sandrarubia1-

    jooooo x dios q suerte teneis hombre y nosotras aki en españa q jno lo vamos a ver nunca :(

  • Trilads

    there's an age limit???

  • East Coaster

    What an age biased comment…Why would she be too old to be a Twilight fan?  I love Twilight…and lets just say I'm over 30.  :)

  • Beth

     According to the person who took the pic, it was on the Paramount lot.  That goodness for fan pics or we would never see Taylor.

  • Ginger

    I am 42 and love twilight and My 5 year old daughter does as well.

  • http://twitter.com/Zahra_DK2200 Twilight2200

    she is so lucky

  • Choowie2000

    i am 34 about to be 35 and i am a huge twilight fan…………. i have dolls the books of course the replica jewlery and and hubby got me the bella jacket the blue one she wears in twilight and i got the the real diamond engagement ring not the fake one from my hubby for christmas that year!

  • Husseinbondk

    انا بحبك اووووي انا اسمي بندق جايكوب

  • Canadian _32

    WHats wrong with liking a movie if your over 30??I love twilight and I'm 32!!The story is great!!It really has nothing to do with the age when a movie is that good!

  • Dharvey8

    Im 50 amd I LOVE Twilight…

  • Susan_ep

    Theirs no age rule of being a fan.


    he is fine so fine

  • Tthom

    You lucky girl.  Taylor is so HOT!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/marimax84 carole antonucci

    Love him  so im 36 and so what!!! there is no age to like twilight
     my 12 years old daughter loves him too , why did the actors always come in paris??  , there is a lot of  places they can go in south east maybe  cannes  avignon 
    it will be so great
    they will do it  with the tvd actors  !!!
    i ll come and see them if it is not so far   cos i m so  fan of twilight and taylor
    the girls who takes this pic is so lucky grrrr

  • Kirstybbz Holness

    Omg he is peng

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    What a lucky girl, you are! Sounds like you have your very on Edward.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    So true, love has no age limit. Neither does Twilight.

  • twi-hard forever16

    Lucky woman!!!! So jealous!!!!

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