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GQ.com: What was the hardest thing about staying in shape?
Kellan Lutz: There’s always food on set and every time you do a scene change you have downtime and you’re at craft service. I’ve never been on a strict diet but there’s always food around. We ate a lot of protein. All the guys had nutritionists who would bring us little salads with tuna or turkey every hour or two hours: just small portions so you always kept your metabolism burning. Between sets we’d run to the gym on and work out for half an hour. Most of our characters were topless throughout the movie so we didn’t have to worry about sweating and ruining the wardrobe.

You’ve modelled for Calvin Klein. What’s the hardest thing about modelling?
It’s a job; it’s tough. A lot of people think jack of modelling and turn their nose up at you but you’re selling a product. But I learned when I got into modelling, I would watch models and some would just stand there and do the exact same look. It’s like acting: you’ve got to give them different takes and different feelings in those takes. Because you’re selling something. So for me I learnt from watching my peers to be more fluid and give the camera something different every time so not all 50 shots are the exact same shot: to let my personality shine. That’s why I love acting because with modelling, you have to sell something by a still, by one little picture, whereas with acting you get to convey a lot of different emotions through dialogue and moments.

What TV do you never miss?
I watch whatever is on my roommate’s Tivo because I don’t really have time to watch TV. But I’m very much into shows like Breaking Bad and American Horror Story. But then of course I love my guilty pleasures likeThe People’s Court, Cheaters, 20 Most Shocking and America’s Funniest Home Videos… I love those shows where you can just tune out and relax.

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