Michael Welch Supports Water Day!

Michael has been involved with The Thirst Project for a while now. Earlier this week Michael joined other celebrities in supporting Water Day! Here are some details and pics!

The Thirst Project and Michael Welch, along with fellow supporters, gathered today at the Santa Monica Pier to announce to the world their commitment to Swaziland, Africa to raise $50 million dollars in 10 years to provide every single person in the country with clean, drinkable water. Right now, Swaziland has the highest density of HIV positive people. The citizens of Swaziland die quicker from the dirty water than HIV itself. The Thirst Project commits itself to help fight disease, dysentery and child mortality rates and Follett High Education Group, Thirst Project’s biggest supporter, joins the fight by donating the first million to this cause.

To learn more about the campaign and how to get involved, visit Thirst Project andDoSomething.org.

Head over to ClevverTV to read more!

Pics via TVC


  • Aaniya Sher

    His cute face converting into old face……baddd

  • Lifeindeath

    ^^^OMG^^^ I fell for it, it's a virus. Do not click on that link.

  • JaniK

    What a joy it is seeing members of “The Twilight Family” continue to make positive changes in our world. We all are blessed when we give to others. Thank You Michael.

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