Five Key Scenes from “Breaking Dawn- Part Two” Teaser Trailer

MTV takes a look at the key moments in the exciting teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn Part Two!

The Red-Eye Reveal
One of the key characteristics of vampires are those blood-red eyes, and Bella’s steal the show when they get their own close-up in the trailer. When the camera shows them as she is standing with Edward, we know the transformation is complete. The scene will speak to fans who having been craving this next step for Bella the first movie.

Bella on the Hunt
Several shots give us a preview of Vampire Bella in action, including her new lightning-fast speed and desire to hunt for blood. We see her running through the forest and, in the last shot of the trailer, eyeing a deer. This is a pivotal moment for Bella. since she now understands the bloodthirst that Edward has been fighting the entire span of their love affair.

Her Revelation About Being a Vampire
Bella’s personal struggles seem to be over, and her line in the trailer proves that she’s finally found her true identity. She says, “After 18 years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I can shine.” The usually reserved Bella is now strong and full of confidence, prompted by her newfound immortality.

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  • http://twitter.com/ikheetmandy Mandy.


  • Ammy jankcon

    Bella on the Hunt that is the best one,,

  • Jen

    I hate that blue dress!!! And give us better trailer.

  • http://twitter.com/Reema_N_H Reema Al-Huraiz

    I can't wait..-_-

  • Cr8zybtch

    I can't wait till november! That's to long but I know its gonna be to good to wait for!!

  • Mariel1997

    es hermosa esta saga me encanta estooii anciosa de ver la ultima parte !!

  • Hgal268

     I'm glad they used the blue dress like it is in the book…nice to see them bringing some of the small details of the book into the movie. Definitely need a longer trailer and honestly why do we have to wait until November…they could release it much sooner than that, been done filming forever now.

  • bella

    I can wait…!!

  • Elnloveshorses

    cant wait till this part is out hope they make more wich i think they will do so when is it out

  • Elnloveshorses

     is that when its out

  • Kayla


  • Cr451517

    I whant it to be novber nut why in novemner no faor but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • twilightfreak

    yep it comes out the 16th of november! ;D

  • Devin's_Gurl

    Defiantly need a longer trailer!! They're done filming and makin gus wait till November they should at least give us a better tease than that. Just saying…..

  • johnson Josette

    I don't like that either…but isn't that what edward liked on her in the book..a blue blouse

  • Chubyum2813

    november is very long to wait, but what can i do!!!! nothing still but wait…….. hay!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/jenn24mcnally Jennifer McNally

     I agree about the dress. Don't you think they should have used the one from the vision? from New Moon. Actually I like how this trailer doesn't show so much

  • 10018036 Love…

    Has any one a time machine? I need to fast forward time for this…..Cuz i certainly can't wait till Noviembre….. Por Favor Edward, Para me…. RELEASE RELEASE RELEASE!!! <3 <3 

  • Beluu-tkm

    hay cuanto falta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! les digo la verdad no me llamaba la atencion el nompre , ni vi el trailer pero este año en 2012 mi tia me mostro la uno al dia siguiente me compre toda la coleccion para verla porq la 1 me facino y ahora no aguanto mas pero yo no soy la unica loca por crepusculo en mi casa mi hermana tanbien y mi tia es tan fanatica que a su cuarto hijo que esta esperando si es nena renesme le va a poner y si es varon jeico no es fantastico !!!!!!!! bueno chauu besos a tdos los q les gusta crepusculo

  • Helen irwin

    i wish i have red eyes :) lol

  • Misamores9598

    very nice

  • Chlo89

    i hope she rips the dress like she does in the book

  • Lisapeet123

    i neeeeeed to see the official trailer….driving me mental grrr these teaser trailers are just not enough xxxx

  • Jazy xoxo

    hurry up november cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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