New Photos of Rob and Kristen Out in Los Angeles

These two just make me so happy. Love seeing them out and enjoying themselves!

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  • Guest

    Keep puffing on those cancer sticks Rob and Kristen.  

  • Carolinatinkerbell27c

    smoking is a serious turn off!!!!!!

  • esQmo


  • Krazykerry82

    if they want to smoke let them got nothink to do with you

  • Candacew04

    Remember you're not really vampires and you will eventually get cancer, emphasema, 
    gross teeth, and wrinkly skin way before nonsmokers. Trust me, I've seen this in
    my family.

  • bubblepopgomen

    he needs to get rid of that beard and tash. it is not a good look for him and makes him look like a tramp. yuck.

  • call

    I agree about the smoking. Bummer to see the young getting hooked on something we all know is so bad for you. Kind of dumb at this point. But on the flip side love seeing them together!

  • Arnorjea7

    stop smoking pleasee

  • Dardar

    Nice to see them out!!  yes smoking  is bad but what isnt, after all they are HUMAN!

  • Jen

    Yes any one under 50 that smoke are just dumb and I hope they get sick from it

  • Meg

    Maybe before criticizing others, you should learn how to spell what you want to say. And tell me, how does their decision to smoke affect you at all??

  • Esra

    insanları bu kadarda takip etmek ne kadar doğru ki?

  • MrsR

    As soon as I saw the pictures with them smoking, I just knew there would be THOSE comments.  Get off your soapbox, everyone knows what smoking does to you. You're not teaching anyone something new.  I'm a nonsmoker, too.  How about some comments on how great it is to see them together?

  • Against Smoking!!

    WHAAAAAAT????!!! Whey really smoke!!?? That is disgusting!!! I am just finishing my nursing studies, and smoke is not just bad, it is horrible! In every sickness smoke is a taboo! It kills you, slowly yes, but it sure does, sooner than later…! BAD Rob and Kristen! Bad! Bad! You guys should be an example!

  • TLL

    perfect little Jen, remember karma before you wish bad things on good people…

  • Twlight<3r

    LOVE seeing them together in their “normal” lives. But i do feel the smoking is a big turn off but its their lives. Sucks that bc they smoke means prob wont look as good for as long as they would without…..anyway, does anyone know if they REALLY ever got married in real life?

  • justsomegirl

    Confused. Are they actually a couple? I hear rumors of it, but heck they don't even stand next to one another. I think their “relationship” is just publicity hype. I wish them both the best of luck.

  • Jadacat1

    Ever hear of live & let live? Smoking is a personal choice & it's kind of like SIDS….they aren't sure what causes all those illnesses & smoking is a common factor so let's put ALL the blame on that. And Christ…it's JUST a few pics. of them together for fans. Stop preaching …like everything YOU do in your life is all together healthy??? REALLY?  Glass houses & stones…remember that…They're JUST pics!!

  • Mamag

    I think it's cool to see them together, and to whoever said they weren't even standing next to each other, do YOU stand next to your sig other all the time,I know I don't! So silly, anyway they are just being young kids, they smoke and grow gross facial hair, they will grow up in a few years….

  • Danelle716ny

    Rob isn't in any of these photos, I don't know why people think that he is. To the best of my knowledge the 2 of them aren't even a couple…its just a movie guys, they are only married in the movie.

  • JRose

    My nan lived to 96, and was a smoker.. my uncle lived to 56, died of lung cancer, and was a smoker.. There are no guarantees.. Everyones bodys are different.. But each person has a personal choice for their own body..
    Neither Rob nor Kristen broadcast that they smoke, they get harrassed in their free private time by photographers, hence the photos of them smoking..
    I hate that that happens, but its also nice to see them.. its a vicious cycle..
    But its not fair to critise people for things they have no control of.. it may be a bad example to young people, but they're not exactly throwing it in people's faces..
    People should focus on the positive, that they get to see them together.. and even that is a negative when you think about the invasion of their privacy, but i guess that comes with the job unfortunetly.. xx

  • Sandra Memmott

    Putting them down for smoking? Maybe you should wear a gas mask when you go outside everyday cuz what you are breathing DAILY is worse then smoking!

  • Beth

     ”it's not fair to critise(sp) people for things they have no control of” –  I'd say they have the ability to control this habit—get help.  If you're paralyzed in an accident  THAT is something you don't have control over.

  • Rose Marcum

    I agree!  I too am a nonsmoker, but if they choose to smoke, it is their business – not anyone else's. 

  • Christy

    umm hello he's in the hoodie with the hat….duh

  • Kristenhatcher

    This is rediculus I wasn't aware that  this was a non smoking campange. people see pictures of them out drinking all the time but noone says anything about that drinking causes liver problems and dui's and of course there is the the retarded stuff you do when your drunk and the hang over and puking but I guess those aren't turn offs right just smoking. Everyone has the right to do what they want no one tells you what to do with your body. So leave others a lone it's there life.

  • JRose

    Im talking about .. control over photos being taken whilst their smoking.. if they want to smoke, its thier choice, it doesnt effect you or anyone else..
    I dont agree with smoking, but seriously, its their life.. not ours..

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    The thing is, though, no one gives a crap about their public outings. Different posts, same bullshit, you know. I don't smoke (and I'm glad I don't) but what are paparazzi photos of two plain old human beings (not gods, not superheroes, just human beings that happen to be famous) going to do to anyone? We can always say how great it is for them to be together (if that's even great at all), but they're still paparazzi photos and Kristen and Robert are still going to be in our reach at the moment. My point: Nobody. Gives. A fuck.

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    *still not going to be in our reach at the moment

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    *still not going to be in our reach at the moment

  • Kayla Macdowell

    Ok I get that rob and kristen are in a movie that younger ppl watch but I dnt think that has anything to do with what they do in there personal. Time if u dnt want ur kids to smoke then its ur responsibility to make sure that UR being a good influence. Not there's if ur parenting sucks that bad I'm sorry for u but dnt come on here and acting holier then thou and blaming sum one else cuz ur making ur self same sound like tools! Do any of u even realize that in the 1st twighlight that rob gave his brother the finger in the movie for all of ur kid to see like really ur ganna throw a temper tantrums over them smoking on there OWN time? Grow up thaw all I have to say!

  • really

    Really after all this time you think it is a publicity stunt?  Recently he followed her to Paris for a fashion event – not anything to do with Twilight – and they were certainly photographed there together (next to each other) – in a restaurant she had her arm draped over him… 

  • jrt

    Love them!  I wish they didn't smoke either for the sake of their health.  But as many others have said here it is their decision as adults.  Love seeing them together and loved that they looked so happy. I wish them the best and a lot more success!!!  Hope they are happy together for a loooong time

  • suz1973

    I love Rob, therefore I wish so much that he wouldn't smoke. I am not a smoker, but my parents were and my best friends do. I see what the smoking does and I want them around forever. I also know that it is an incredible difficult addiction that is probably THE most difficult to quit…

  • suz1973

    Idk if they are really together, together or if it is convenient right now. I just hope they follow their bliss. Work, work well, make good choices, and be happy. I wish paparazi would leave people alone. Remember in the old days when you only really knew a star for their work? People actually had lives!

  • suz1973

    Idk if they are really together, together or if it is convenient right now. I just hope they follow their bliss. Work, work well, make good choices, and be happy. I wish paparazi would leave people alone. Remember in the old days when you only really knew a star for their work? People actually had lives!

  • FutureMrs.Black

    whos the girl with kristen?

  • Catlady7

    That doesnt look like Rob, it looks like a girl with her. 

  • Against Smoking!!

    I am not saying anything that does not allow them to live, on the other hand if they keep smoking THEY are the ones that are going to have a short and unhealthy life :p and if they do live for a long time, then they probably get sick with COPD, ever heard of that? Without googling it? But you are right, it is a personal choice. I was just giving my opinion, nothing wrong with that, aren't you giving your opinion too after all…? Over and out! ;)

  • mikal

    hey See HD Wallpapers of    Kristen Stewart

  • THEfanpire/twigirl

    OH MY GOD! SERIOUSLY STOP WITH THE SMOKING COMMENTS! Yeah, I don't smoke but I don't go around to people who do and say “OH MY GOOD GOD! YOU'RE SMOKING!! STOP STOP STOP! THAT'S SO BAD! HOLY CRAP YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!” Rob and Kristen are just NORMAL people so let them live their lives, they deserve to be treated like regular human beings . i bet that's how they'd like it… 

  • FreyasMum

    Wow they smoke big deal get over it and move on. Drinking isnt good for you either but no-one is telling them to stop drinking are they. If they want to smoke let them its up to them what they do. 

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