NextMovie’s Male Twi-hard ponders if he can love Hunger Games too

NextMovie‘s Male Twi-hard Ryan McKee has had internal conflict about whether he can love The Hunger Games since he is a proverbial Twi-hard. In this new article (in which Team-Twilight lends some insight), Ryan comes to terms with how the two are different and that he can enjoy both! Here’s some discussion on the whole “Team” business:

“I think the ‘teams’ will always exists in ‘The Hunger Games’ because it’s an easy way to show your fondness for Peeta or Gale, but I don’t think it’ll ever get near the level of ‘teams’ in ‘The Twilight Saga,’” writes Amanda of TheHob.org fansite. “So far, it’s really just been used by media to compare the two franchises (or in merchandising to make a quick buck), and doesn’t really hold much water in the fandom.”

Sheila of HGGrilOnFire.com agrees. “I would avoid any reference to ‘Teams,’ i.e., Team Peeta vs Team Gale,” she says. “I know it’s been used a lot in the media, but I’ve seen it get a lot of negative backlash from the ‘Hunger Games’ fan community (basically the ‘Hunger Games’ fans hate that reference).”

“I think for the ‘Hunger Games,’ they might build up that love triangle more, to draw in more of the ‘Twilight’ fan base, but I can’t see how it could ever measure up,” writes Lindsay of Team Twilight, who is also “somewhat of a “HG” whiz.” “Having said that, I am not sure anything could EVER compare with the ‘Twilight’ love triangle and the attention it’s gained. It was the first time we used ‘team’ in the way it is now in everyday language.”

Read more here. And tell us, are you okay with liking both?

  • mockingjay

    I love both so … I really love Twilight but The Hunger Games are so amazing … 

  • Kelsemelton

    ya are so osome lol…..=-)

  • Katia Lizeth

    i am a hunger games fan and i think  that no one can comare this two movies because they have really different histories and about the “team´´ , well we all hate calling team peeta or team gale is awful. The Hunger Games is not the new twilight. So do not comare this  two movies please!

  • celine

    twilight and harry potter.

  • Tefasarm

    sinceramente las dos peliculas son buenas cada una tienes una trama diferene en Crepuscula se puede observar el amor verdadero, la caballerosidad de los hombres de antes y la sobrevivencia del mas fuerte, mientras ke en la otra pelicula es mas de accion y amor y yap nada nuevo asi ke miren las dos peliculas y saquen sus conclusione, personalmente me quedo con Crepusculo

  • konun

    bitch please anything can compare with that silly story, is awful a girl choice between necrophilia and zoolophilia WTF?? seriously  and bella is like a zombie that never smiles and dont have feelings

  • Stevenanger

    Yep…Two TOTALLY DIFFERENT FILMS PEOPLE!!! Don't be sheep! What are articles and questions like this suppose to acomplish? is ABC trying to start a new show called Fan Wars where people who like one franchise gang up on people who like another franchise so they fight to the death and the winner gets a free t-shirt? Shit….I guess we now what to expect for the summer schedule!

  • Astrid Bossuyt

    It's right. They are two different films!! I love both.

  • Emmacullen12345

    I am in love with Twilight,Hunger Games, Harry Potter . . . and I'm STILL waiting for the day when everyone will stop comparing them! x

  • SUNNY148


  • Susanhcooke

    In our house we love twilight and harry potter and the hunger games and pretty little liars and glee, etc.  Why do you have to choose?

  • TwiTvdx

    Not being nasty or anything, everyone has an opinion,  but why are you here on a Twilight fan site but you hate Twilight? This is a site for Twilight Fans not haters. I believe Bella is not a zombie, she is a vampire.

  • Fundiness

    I totally agree with that.  Me, I'm a twilight girl all the way.  I saw the first movie before I read the books, and I fell absolutely in love with it, simply because it was new, something that was never done before.  The first time I heard about the hunger games was during promotion for this movie, and I have to say that I was watching it last night and it couldn't hold my interest, simply because I've seen those gladiators type movies (I'll hold you captive and you have to fight or you die) done to death.  It was a really soft movie, no merit, very predictable.  I hate predictable. 

  • Kassie

    I agree! Come on! I love Twilight and I don't think there's anything in common with the two movies. :S 

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    What a sensible comment! 

  • TwiTvdx

    These are two separate films, both amazing films and books, the only way they could only be compared  if Renesmee and Jacob decided to be tributes for Forks and Leah imprints on Gale ;) Seriously guys both series are amazing and if you haven't tried the Hunger Games give them a shot, see the movie and/or read the books which are just amazing :)

  • Someone

    I'm sorry, but I have to say that the movie Hunger Games was better than Twilight. There are difference between two movies, but the story of Twilight can be viewed as…”weird” for all those people who aren't twilight fans. And I'm personally not a Twilight fan. Hunger Games was more “perfect” for us who aren't Twilight fan. I apologize if I have offended any of you. But I just want to say that i personally liked Hunger Games way better than twilight, and I'm almost sure that people who aren't Twilight fans think that Hunger Games was a better movie. I'm just hoping none of you get offended, because that's not what I meant.

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