‘On the Road’ and ‘Cosmopolis’ To Appear at Cannes

With On the Road and Cosmopolis appearing at Cannes this year does that mean we will see Rob and Kristen there to promote their respective films? One can hope right?
Looks like there is some talk of a Michael Sheen project appearing also!

Here is what IndieWire is reporting!

If you’ve kept up with us since we dropped our intial Cannes Film Festival piece back in February, a lot has changed and the field is becoming narrower and more clear in terms of what films and filmmakers are headed to the south of France. It requires a bit of moving puzzle pieces, and putting together bits and bobs of information, but the writing on the wall is beginning to appear, and today, the one moving the pen is The Hollywood Reporter. The trade has likely made a few phone calls of their own and been watching the landscape and today they reveal that “On The Road” and “Cosmopolis” — two movies already widely expected to hit the fest — are pretty much locks, while The Weinstein Company’s “Cogan’s Trade” (aka “Killing Me Softly”) is “expected to be on hand.” So what else can we expect?

The full lineup lands on April 19th. The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 16-27.

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