New Pics of Taylor Backstage at Kids’ Choice Awards

Here are some great pics of Taylor backstage at the KCA’s after being slimed! LOL

Source: TVC

  • Wine Lao

    Ohh…..this liquid making Taylor dirty…..

  • Snaigutelt


  • bella

    Taylor is dirty..

  • Nikki

    It should be illegal to look that good when covered in green slime, I mean really!!

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    Dirty Taylor…me gusta. ;)

  • Beth

    He was such a good sport.  They hit him hard in the face twice!!!

  • Helena

    ❤  Taylor! ❤

  • Regina northrop

    I laughed so Hard and I definitely would have love to help him take a shower to get clean

  • Holleyronnia

    Taylor in green, niceeee!

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