Next Movie: Why Bella and Edward Top Jack and Rose from ‘Titanic’

With the upcoming release of Titanic in 3D, Next Movie put together this list of why Bella and Edward will always top the Titanic couple Jack and Rose.

Instant Attraction

Rob and Kristen are both extremely beautiful creatures. From their first curious eye contact across the cafeteria in “Twilight,” it became clear that these two would become something special for Hollywood. Whereas Rose was busy turning up her nose at Jack on the lido deck and seeking an out from her opulent life, Bella and Edward’s curiosity about each other was piqued at the outset … though for very different reasons. Consequently, the world became as instantly enamored with Bella and Edward as they were with one another, and R.Pattz and K-Stew became A-listers with household names right away (and no one had to get naked on the couch for that to happen, either).

The Love Story

The romance of Bella and Edward is one for the ages. Not only is their passion for one another intense and all-consuming, but it also completely alters the meaning of forever. All I’m saying is immortal eternity lasts a lot longer than a boat ride across the Atlantic (especially when it crashes halfway).


Nothing, and I do mean nothing, compares to the fan fervor surrounding Rob, Kristen and the rest of the “Twilight” gang. It outpaces, out-screams, and out-devotes anything and everything else. The L.A. premieres nearly put Occupy Wall Street to shame, with fans lining up by the hundreds and camping out for days just to catch a glimpse of the cast all dolled up. No one stands a chance in a vote-off against Rob and Kristen, as proven time and time again in the MTV Movie Awards’ yearly “Best Kiss” race, and there’s a now-old adage that if either of them were to ever join Twitter, the social network would literally explode. It’s probably true. “Twilight,” simply put, has defined fandemonium.

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  • watev

    Twilight is better … titanic is SOOO old and boring… where as twilight is the best love story ever told .. the people who say twilight is bad havent even seen it so they cant say much

  • jcw

     Bella and Edward are fictitious characters in a super natural story
    Jack and Rose are fictitious characters in a real life tragedy.
     get with it people
    my opinion  the 3 d version of Titantic is sick.  I have followed Titantic since I first read
    A Night To Rememberand was one of first to see Camerons version,but to produce in 3D Who really wants to feel the real life terror of that horrifing night that 1500 people died tragicly due to arrogance of man.
    it is one thing if the event was fiction but it was not. Would any of you been a willing passager on any ship including recent incedences? terrifying real for those that were there
    please excuse spelling errors

  • ritik

    taylor and kristen r hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aiswarya Girish


  • Jbareiss

    Twilight is so much more than Titanc. There was too much cat and mouse in Titanic.  Twilight was great.and will always be for those willing to dream.

  • Mollyforan

    who ever thinks titanic is better than twilight are old and dont dream or have an imagination at all !!! … Twilight forever <3

  • Vgregory96

    I dont agree either. titanic anniversary was wednesday and u compare that to a couple who have no morals. if u remember kristen cheated on her boyfriend to be with robert and he went with his costar

  • Bane Of Helios

    This is why people don't like Twilight fans. You are idiots. Classic movies are termed such because they are worthy of proper regonition and prestige. MTV movie awards can in no way compare to Oscars. And a herd of brainless followers proves nothing. Edward has to constantly be on guard so he doesn't eat Bella. Sorry if I don't find that romantic. In fact it's rather disturbing.

  • http://twitter.com/CreddieShipper Natalie

    Are you kidding me? I can't believe how many idiots like Bella and Edward. What a joke! Jack and Rose forever. Titanic is a classic.

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