ENTER TO WIN: Poster signed by Michael Welch and autographed novel ‘Of Light and Darkness’

Hey Team Twilighters!

Looking for the next great paranormal series for you bookshelf? Team Twilight is hosting a contest for the up and coming novel series, Of Light and Darkness! Here is your chance to win a FREE autographed paperback copy of Of Light and Darkness #1: The Vampire’s Daughter, as well as a signed photograph of Of Light and Darkness’ star, Michael Welch (Mike Newton) from the Twilight Saga!

This new novel series is currently a film project in development and stars Michael Welch (Twilight), Cassie Scerbo (Make It Or Break It), and Johnny Pacar (Make It Or Break It) just to name a few!

All you have to do is go to Of Light and Darkess’s Facebook fanpage and click “like” to become a fan! Then, post on your own wall “I <3 @Of Light and Darkness by Shayne Leighton” on your own Facebook wall or twitter! (Don’t forget to @ tag it! If you post to twitter…Of Light and Darkness’ address is @OLADSeries) After you’re done, write on the Of Light and Darkness fan page wall, letting them know you gave them a shoutout!

3 winners will be selected to win autographed books and photos, so good luck!!! The winners will be picked on Sunday at 7pm Eastern time.

Check out the Of Light and Darkness fanpage here: http://Facebook.com/OfLightandDarknessSeries

Check out the official website here: http://OfLightandDarknessSeries.com

For more information about the author, visit here: http://ShayneLeighton.com

IMDB Page for the movie adaptation: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2122436

Good luck and happy winning!

  • ermajo

    I love this photo and hope to win. :)

  • Offerneil Disen

    Poster is good but not looking to make popularity like Twilight….

  • Ykerr

    I want to read it can't wait!!!!;)

  • Pattyk715

    My grandkids love all the movies so I hope I can win it for them they would love it..

  • Tabby33809

    Posted it all…Would go great in my room on the wall :o )  Hope I win too!!!

  • Bubbles_152008

    Uhm, is that freakin' Mike Newton? LOL

  • Bubbles_152008

    *reads description* Yep. Yes, that is Mike Newton. I don't know if I'll be able to take him seriously; he's grown to be kind of the Meg Griffin of the Twilight series. xD

  • Wcsml5

    This is something new for him and I hope he does well with it. :) it looks like it will be great to watch. I like his caricter on Twilight, funny.

  • Paula

    Looking forward to this series.  I just love vampire books and movies.  Can't wait to see it on the big screen and Michael Welch is such a good actor….

  • Cloeymonster

    i want this

  • Debra Starnes

    I'm in To Win!!!!!!!!

  • Sewsearcy

    Can't wait, love the new versions
    of vampire movie and books they are so inviting and
    hardly put them down or quit watching them over and over!
    Thank you for people like you!!!!

  • Gyleches

    That's a bad photo-shopped arm he has. It's HUGE!

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