Adorable photos of Michael Sheen & Rachel McAdams at the premiere of The Gospel of Us

Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen looked adorable together  attending the premiere ofThe Gospel of Usat the Apollo Cinema in Port Talbot, Wales on Easter Sunday.

Source : Vampire Club

  • Emiliana

    Be careful Rachel….that lycan can bite hahaha

  • Victoria

    hahah Vempires not bit their girlfriends

  • Sterilemonkey2002

    Ewwww! He's like 5 million years old!

  • Darlynne

    I liked her with Ryan Gosling. They were the perfect couple :(

  • Chelsea

    He plays Lucien on Underworld.  A werewolf (lycan) not a vampire.

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    Looking lush. :P

  • crash

    and Aro in twilight, a vampire

  • crash

    and Aro in Twilight, a vampire.

  • http://www.delicioustalking.blogspot.com/ Delicious Talk ❧

    Great looking couple. But why's Rachel McAdams gone that shade of blonde?? It does absolutely nothing for her. Her beauty's really washed out by it. Makes her look like everybody else.

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