Chris Weitz to write young adult post-apocalyptic trilogy

It has been announced that New Moon director Chris Weitz will be writing a trilogy of young adult novels with a post-apocalyptic setting! Weitz is not only an accomplished director, but also a screenwriter. Seeing as I love Chris Weitz, I love young adult novels, and I love post-apocalyptic stories, this sounds pretty much right up my alley! Details from MTV:

According to the announcement from publisher Little, Brown, the literary trilogy-to-be will kick off with “The Young World”: a story about the teenage sole survivors who inherit a destroyed and desolate earth, after a cataclysmic event kills off every person on earth not between the ages of 12 and 21. Ill-equipped to restore society to working order, the surviving residents of New York City must try to rebuild their world from the ground up—a tough charge for any decimated population, but especially difficult if you’re trying to save your species from annihilation while simultaneously going through puberty. Drama will abound!

The first book of the trilogy is set to be released in 2014.

  • Greeneyedgirl435

    I'm an asspiring actress, maybe I'll star in this…..If they'll have me. 

  • B Princess

    Sounds legit

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