Guy Pearce talks Maggie Grace and ‘Lockout’

Collider has a new interview with actor Guy Pearce who stars in Lockout with Maggie Grace (Irina Denali). He talks about working with Maggie and the possibility of a sequel.

PEARCE: It was nice to work with Maggie (Grace), for example, who has such a mature level about her and was able to put him in his place when she could. He’s a bit of a smart aleck and hard to put in his place. I wanted it to feel like an honest character. I didn’t want to go “Oh, okay. It’s one of those movies. This is what they do. They deliver the sassy one line.”

Your character and Maggie’s character reminded me of the Hans Solo/Princess Leia dynamic. Do you see that at all?

PEARCE: I guess so when you say it, but I certainly didn’t … When I’m in the middle of doing something, I never really think of any other film. I think that’s healthy as well because I don’t want to feel like I’m plagiarizing something. You don’t want to discover later that you’ve plagiarized something either. But no, I’m just so involved in what [I’m doing] and I feel like on some level most characters that you play are a reflection of others that have been on the screen before. But I guess it is a fairly common theme in action films. I think a lot of action characters are a little bit too serious as well. They take themselves a bit too seriously, which I don’t find particularly interesting, whereas I like the fact that there was at least some humor in this because really it’s a piece of entertainment. If it can be entertaining for us as well, then I think it helps.

With all the great banter and sexual tension between you and Maggie, it seems like a good set-up for more stories. Do you think there’ll be a Lockout sequel?

PEARCE: I don’t know. I guess it depends on how successful it is. Then I may have to go back to the gym, wouldn’t I? I think it’s left open for that, but it’s obviously based on whether the film makes enough money, I suppose.

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