Pics of Taylor at Circque du Soleil Show Sunday April 8th

Here are some pics of Taylor at the Circue du Soleil show this past weekend with Sara Hicks!

Source: TVC via TeamTaylorLautner

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    He has been to lots of Circue du Soleil shows recently, don't you think? I wonder if it has anything to do with an upcoming film…? ;)  

  • Beth

     He must have that show memorized by now.  It's good to see him out having a good time.

  • Linenstretch

    Finally saw Abduction this past weekend~ way underrated and woefully under-advertised.  

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  • Wawaji

     unpredictable images of celebs & stars…

  • Greeneyedgirl435

    Why is he hanging out with his attention hog ex-girlfriend? I thought you had better taste than this Taylor……=/

  • brittany tedstone

    its great seeing him have fun and that but if i would want to see him with any one it would be his family because i have never saw his mom in Pearson and it seems like that he dose not see much  of her because of  every one following him around and it ent fair on him or his mom

  • brittany

    yes i must say that is great as well 

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