Rob Pattinson photographed paddleboarding again!

Robert Pattinson was spotted paddleboarding in Malibu again this weekend. Looks like he might have had instructor in the water with him. We have no idea if this is for a role or just for his own enjoyment, but we hope he’s having fun!

More photos here.

  • Tractortat

    I love the new look!!!

  • Graciehenderson198621

    Love it!

  • jane fan

    He looks so good! Love the jumping one.

  • Carolk9s

    Glad he's having some fun, his life seems pretty hectic to me.

  • Allendunne26

    love it and very sexie

  • Boster770

    He look's fat really fat yuck!!!

  • Shantoya Miller

    i love to see tht he is having fun

  • Folkedangel

    He's probably glad that he's no longer banished from the sun. I'm guessing he's having so much fun relaxing doing whatever he wants, that he's growing his hair out, not shaving, and getting some sun. Good for him. Glad he's having fun. Too bad Kristin's not out with him, but she's a little busy at the moment.

  • Folkedangel

    Why don't you post a picture of YOURSELF doing whatever it is you do, (that is if you ever leave your house) and we can judge and critique how YOU look. Male or female, I'm sure Rob looks better than you.

  • Tabbyrenaa

    no he doesn't your ass is behind a computer don't see you putting your pic out there!!

  • Hollyjb

    Me too, His gained a little weight or muscle, He looks GREAT! Not so stick skinny, YUMMY ROB!

  • Toni

    Love it but still dislike the beard :(

  • Breakingdawn Cw


  • Rae Anne Accetta

    I agree, I just think it covers too much of that gorgeous face!!!

  • Rehavidas

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought that lol

  • Rehavidas

    I know what fat looks like cuz I'm fat and he looks a little chubby. Which is fine cuz he's not doing anything right now anyway. Definitely does not look as good as he did in Breaking Dawn. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble.

  • Tara Leeann

    I agree as well. Makes him look like a mountain man! But Still adore him<3

  • Cookfisherwife

    Rob is sooo good looking with or without the beard i will always be a fan of his looks no matter what

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  • 10018036 Love…

    Love it that he is having fun and all but what's up with the beard…. Huh still love him tho n i am still the #1 fan

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