Video: Watch the new trailer for ‘LOL’ starring Ashley Greene

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  • sonia leonia


  • Carolk9s

    Um, no. Miley Cyrus? No.

  • mastie143

    i love this movie

  • http://twitter.com/edjwha216 Erica

    I think I'm gonna like this movie when it comes out….seems interesting….maybe Miley's acting won't be as bad as it was in the Last Song

  • Buschi

    why do americans alway steal from europeans?!? I mean this time they really overdued…this whole movie existed already as french one and it isn't even old…Miley sucks -.-

  • Pascaline1991

    Merci Buschi. Moi qui suis française, je suis contente de voir que les américains pensent la même chose que nous.Mais rassure toi, en France aussi, les cinéastes reprennent vos films. 
    Bref, les meilleurs films, ce sont les originaux.

  • AnnA

    Fuck! This shit is an absolute FAKE of the original LOL by france. I always liked films by Miley but that just sucks. They stole the whole story and even a lot of scenes are the same.  FAIL

  • Kaylabobo17

    dnt get mad we r just spreading the great movie a-hole

  • Kaylabobo17

    uh miley cyrus yes dnt hate

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