Rob Pattinson Talks About Shaking His ‘Twilight’ Image

This is a great interview in which Rob talks about his career, wanting to break out of Twilight and dealing with the Twilight fandom!

TRANSFORMED by the Twilight films into a swoon-inducing star with a frenzied female following, Robert Pattinson is attempting to break the mould.

First he appeared in the low-key romantic dramas Remember Me and Water for Elephants followed by last month’s Bel Ami about a poverty-stricken soldier’s sex-driven ascent to power in Parisian society.

And next he’ll be in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, based on the novel about a billionaire whose life falls apart in one day as he travels across town for a haircut. “One of the weirdest scripts I’ve ever read,” remarks Pattinson.

Weighing up three new projects – none of which he will discuss, though his latest crewcut hairstyle is for a screentest – the 25-year-old is unsure what to do next. The problem is, he says, that he hasn’t yet developed his own screen persona because he is inextricably associated with the Edward Cullen vampire role.

“Nobody’s going ‘Get me Pattinson’. I always find the best scripts have been written with people in mind but I don’t know who I am yet in terms of cinema and I haven’t done enough work to have an audience perceive something,” says the teen heart-throb also known as R-Patz.

“It’s still ‘Oh, there’s the Twilight guy trying to do something else’. I’m very conscious of what I think people would believe me as, which drives my management crazy,” he reveals.

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  • Pola Hill

    “Get me Pattinson”………….that's the script

  • Veronica_aravena13

    So hermoso

  • Veronica_aravena13

    Soss Hermosooooooo….Te amooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raych

    I think he has shook his twilight image when I think of him now I instantly think of the latest movie I saw him in (water for elephants). He should be thankful to the twilight saga for making him so famous. He's so yummy.

  • Wjc

    I think it's a shame that he turned down that marine script because he thought people would think it was a disgrace.  This shows an actor with immense emotions.  Rob, take the roles, you will prove them all wrong.

  • Vazquez_492

    get over it.. you making thousands of money and you crying about how people see you as Edward Cullen ?? How is that bad??? your still making thousands??

  • Acuna30

    I think that he's already came out of his twilight persona. I haven't seen Bel Ami yet but I have seen Water for Elephants and Remember Me and in my opinion he did a great job, better than most actors could've done… instead of working to shake twilight off, u should work on being a better villain. Everyone is used to see u as a loving understanding man in your roles I think it would be great to see how u would play a serial killer or something. =) no matter what ill always be one of many your biggest fan's …. <3

  • Cluemoreinfl

    I think he shook the Twilight image the minute he did Water For Elephants. That was a fantastic movie in my opinion. I loved it.

  • Guest

    Your career is just starting.. Don't act embarrassed of what made you famous. You will one day have another role that people will again remember you by. Just be patient.

  • johnson Josette

    I don't care if u play santa claus… ur awesome!

  • Mshellhound666

    Obviously a lot of people are still going to see him as Edward Cullen, but I've seen water for elephants load of times and loved it so much I really don't think it's as bad as you think, you have to stop worrying and keep doing what you do best you do an amazing job with every character you throw yourself into!

  • Toni

    I agree, I read the book first and he fit the part in the movie perfect. He shouldn't worry about what people think, he's a good enough actor to play anything he wants, he's just starting his career, he's going to go a long way, he can afford to pick the parts he wants and the ones he knows are best for HIM. He's a star in my book!

  • Babyboo07041

    Rob u r so sexy…no matter what movies ur in we will still love u. I have seen all ur movies but the newest one and I can't wait to see that one. I agree bout seeing u as a serial killer or something down that road. The only reason I watched twilight was for u…I love ya rob n I can't wait to see ur next project.

  • Ccanda143

    I have seen every movie Rob has been in and I don't see him as Edward Cullen! I see a talented young man with Dreams of becoming bigger and better than Twilight. Yes, he brought Edward Cullen to life, but I loved him more as Tyler in the movie Remember Me, or better yet, in the movie The Haunted Airman. The movie was slow, but his talent made the movie worth watching. Not everyone sees him as Edward form Twilight and his acting abilities will take him further than he can imagine.  

  • Cherlynv1

    Try MILLIONS honey…

  • Twi-Fan

    I love to see him in any movie. He has such an expressive face and the body isn't at all bad! He is an excellent actor and I would hate to see him held back because movie makers have no idea who is and who is not good. Everyone I saw in theTwilight Saga are great!

  • Dcgnjsw2005

    I think he has done Great in all the movies he has been in. Even the Harry Potter.  Yeah  Twilight put him out there in the Spot Light, but its not the only one he will be well known for.  He has done a great job in all the Movies he has been in. I don't think anyone thinks Twilight will be the best Movie he will ever be known for. Yes right now  it is the one he is most known for, but I think he still has more greats to come. I am sure of it!!!!!!!! Enjoy It!!!!! Do what you do best and just be you Rob!!!! And everyone else get off his back!!!!!!!  He is an actor trying to find his thing. Tom Cruise has his Mission Impossibles. Let him find his thing. I don't really think he is being Ungreatful towards the Twilight Saga, he just don't want to only be known for that. Your Going to Rock all your Movies Rob.

  • Linda

    Twilight is what made him! he was a nobody before this. So Rob should wake up and realize & be thankful everyday of his for Twilight! He is a great actor and  he will always be remember what made him famous. So if if you are a true Rob Pattison Fan then go see all of his movies.

  • Appyking

    dont forget him in herry potter he did really good in the goblet of fire

  • Amber Huffman

    When I think of Rob, it is not Edward Cullen that comes to mind, It is Cedrick from Harry Potter. I think Rob can do anything. I honestly did not care for him as Edward Culen, I didn't care for Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan either. But I LOVED Rob in Remember Me!  

  • twilighter

    Dear Robert,

    I don't go to the movies that consist more of porn than of story line.  It repels me. Do cleaner movies.  Without that you lose a lot of your main stream audience.  There a reason people liked going to those Twilight movies and why some didn't like the Breaking Dawn movie.  ;)

  • Mrsolsonmaca

    i think its important to not fully shake twilight since it is because of those that he is so big, but to try to grow away from it since that is also the reason so many people dislike him. they dont see a serious actor who loves his job they see a “gay sparkly vampire”. and it upsets me because he is great in every movie i have seen him in. hes great at what he does and people need to start seeing him as an actor and not edward cullen the sparkling emotional vampire. 

  • Mrsolsonmaca

    he never said he wasnt thankful,he just wants to be known for other things. every actor gets upset when someone looks at them and only sees one character when they have played loads. hes being human dont accuse him of not being thankful.

  • Glenys Smith

    Errrh who doesn't like the Breaking Dawn movie, I myself have not heard one person say it was no good, all I have hears is ;;; '' We can't wait for part 2 ''  I have watched a load of his films and don't think of him as Edward Cullen the Vampire.. I think of him as Robert Pattinson  the guy who played Edward Cullen the Vampire,, I love Edward but he's fictional, he;s no real…

  • Morgan

    In no particular order… The Ring of the Nibelungs, Vanity Fair, HP & the Goblet of Fire, The Bad Mother's Handbook, The Summer House, The Haunted Airman, How to Be, Little Ashes… this is his body of work before he even heard of Twilight, and in the last three, he had a leading role.  The popularity of the Twilight books made the films a phenomenal success, and sent him to superstar status, but he already had a solid acting background. 
    I can't wait to see him continue to grow and stretch as an actor, and in any other endeavor he chooses.

  • Lanie

    I think it's important to remember that these comments where made in response to questions during an interview. Rob has made it clear in the past that he owes alot to his Twilight fans, he's well aware that without Twlight he wouldn't be getting the opportunities he's getting now. 
    I think he's a great actor and I hope he has a very successful career no matter what roles he decides to play. I hope we see a lot more of him. In more ways than one ; )

  • http://twitter.com/petrojohnson petronela johnson

    i would love to see him in a comedy …he is ever so young to take on hard roles just to change or shake off the Twilight image…yes he was great in the saga but all his other movies have been great …if he chooses right he will have a long prosperus career :D

  • dsknouse

    Cullen, uh I mean Pattinson is a very good actor. He stood out in Harry Potter Goblet of Fire, that's when I first became aware of him as an actor, hadn't seen other stuff he did. He was fab in Twilight saga. He can change his image as an actor any way he wants because that's what's so wonderful about acting you can be anyone you want to be. He is experimenting and trying different roles to find the one that defines him as someone other than just a vampire with sparkles and feelings, loved by all because of the popularity of the stories. I'm a huge fan of the series because of it's fresh take on vampire lore. I'm not one for gore all the time. I can't wait to see his other projects and look forward to watching him develop into whatever niche he wants to fit into. The wonder of the Arts is breaking the mold and expanding your possibilities. Thanks Robert for entertaining all of us and I personally look forward to your other works. PS. I can't wait to see Part 2 of Breaking Dawn.

  • ELIZA121221

    If I had a movie I would be asking for him. I love this guy. Remember me was good but I liked water for elephants alot more.

  • Krystal chavez

    God hes gorgeous! He is right tho ppl do that i do that say you know the guy from twilight! he did amazing in eater for elephants it was a hole other person. not edward (god forbid!) he will do great and 25! really he has a long time to figure out his type

  • Aborror

    Agree with some of the other comments. Maybe because I'm older but when I first saw Robert I knew he had qualities like James Dean I will go see any of Roberts movies and have checked all the Movies he has made before Twilight.

  • Cbartlett77

    I agree – he's already shaken off the Twilight persona – ive seen lots of his other films and he never disappoints. For me he's now more than 'Edward in Twilight' (though i should say at this point do love him as Edward!!!) he has proved he can really act,that he brings something special to a story and you know your going to be glued to your seat for the entire film. Cant wait to see Bel Ami!
    Keep at it Rob!

  • belinda

    i think hes going to pretty far in his career i saw remember me i love that movie
    for being 25 roberts gonna go pretty far i support him whatever movie he decides to do
    kristen not so much not bein mean i dont think shes going to make it far robert on the other hand i think hes gonna make it 100%
    hes a hell of a actor in my eyes
    keep up the good work rob dont let anyone put u down

  • Ladynan27

    Well, sorry Pattinson………..more to come in November :-)   Maybe he's not getting any roles w/ ”Pattinson” in mind because the folks in Hollywood see the real deal:  He landed an awesome role…….not that they got an awesome actor for the role.  He'd be NOWHERE w/out Twilight.  Sorry folks…………..I love Twilight stories…………..but it is what it is!

  • Ladynan27

    ……………and except for Harry Potter (to which he didn't stand out the way they intended), nobody watched those either :-)

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3777383/allingoodfun K2☼__Ami♥BD2♀Csmpls♠

    He will always be Edward to me…and, Rob, that's a good thing! ;) But if I find actors I like, I follow them and enjoy the different types of movies they do. Edward, Tyler, Jacob, Georges, Eric are all wonderful treats! I'm anxious to hear what he might do next…plus I'll get to add more to my user name!!! <3

  • EdwardsNana

    Guess I look at the other side of the coin.  I don't think Robert has to shake his “Twilight” image.  It is part of him.  It's how I became a fan and continued to buy all of his DVD's and watch all of his movies.  I guess I could say, Edward Cullen introduced me to Robert Pattinson, and I am a fan forever.  I am no spring chicken, but I know talent and depth in a person when I see it.  I think it would be wrong for Robert to diss Edward, but rather use Edward as a tool for us all to experience all of Robert's acting abilities. I love all the character's he has protrayed with such talent. I agree with Rob, Cosmopolis is one of the “wierdest” things I have ever read.  But I guarentee, Robert will pull it off and we will all know and understand Eric Parker when the movie is finished.

  • Nayelii_sanchezz

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