BooBoo Stewart goes shirtless in Hollywood

BooBoo Stewart was spotted shirtless in North Hollywood on Monday. We don’t know what happened to his shirt, and we aren’t complaining! We thought you guys might enjoy the pics!

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  • Marsarmygirl30

    oh mommy

  • Paulamrose64

    very nice so cute

  • ELIZA121221


  • Blacktigergirl


  • Ladyscandolous


  • teamjacob

    He's like a mini Taylor Lautner! SEXY!

  • Kelly Figueroa

    id tap that till he cried(;



  • Savannahsouth

    omgzzzzz hottttt

  • calibug!!

    Dayum!! that kid is omgomgomgomgomgomg…boy has he grown!!

  • MrsTaylorLautner1

    Boo Boo Beautiful! :D <3


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  • Courtney

    i don't like him with long hair but he has a fine pack

  • LilyNThorns

    Oh hell! I'm 10 years older than this kid and my starring is rape. This is just REALLY unfair and unusual punishment. 

  • Carina

    He looks hot and have a fine pack:-)

  • G_D


  • justsomegirl

    Is he of age??

  • Gisela_palomares

    I wouldn't mind some time on jail for those abs …..damn how old are again ……please let it be 18

  • Cksj

    he's 18

  • team jacob

    he is hot with and without a shrit

  • Delrosarioranelle

    ohhh yummy

  • Sweetblueocean81

    Ohhhh la la. LOL.

  • Sweetblueocean81


  • Pinky72586

    I LIVE in North Hollywood….where the hell was I when this was happening?! 

  • Shayne Marie pabuhaya

    omigod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so hot!!!!!! so sexy!!!!!! LOVE it!!!! < 3 ; )

  • Kelly S.

    I like him better when he has short hair.

  • Sandy

    NOT that amazing as u think

  • Irene

    I'm a cougar … WRAWRRR… DAMN! … Aww, his sooo cute like a little puppy … Get it? Puppy XD

  • lisaaaX

    wauuwww Booboo!<3 damn what is he hot!

  • Vhfvghj

     wow!! i can only say wow!

  • yesenia

    who knows who this guy

  • Ches_

    If your think it has very good pack because I

  • Telezhalaconsejera

    es muy guapo y sexi 

  • swanK

    Hi sorry what caracter he do?

  • monse ara


  • Cristina30071990

    he is the best boy that i never see later that taylor lautner

  • Daniela20


  • http://www.facebook.com/lalitta.onatra Lalitta Onatra

    tiene su encanto pero no dejas de ser un niño y lindo por su puesto


    wow he has really grown up hasn't he? still jail bate thow!

  • Dianica21

    que lindo 

  • Helena

    that photo is also in the video of his new single. ;) : 

  • GabyV3

    odio a “Jacoob” es un inmaduro

  • Sirkissa

    He is so hot! Be still my heart! lol

  • Alyssa

    Booboo I love you and I think you are sooooooooooooooooo sexy. You are the only guy for me.

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