E! : 5 Things to know about ‘The Host’ by Stephanie Meyer

1. The Leading Lass Has Mega-Talent: Haven’t heard of Saoirse Ronan? Well, cement that Irish name in your brain, because Ronan is an acting force to be reckoned with. She appeared alongside Keira Knightley in Atonement and was nominated for an Academy Award for her role at the young age of 13. Saoirse also starred in The Lovely Bones and most recently the action flick HannaQuitean impressive résumé, no? Kristen Stewart, you’ve certainly got some competition.

2. Get Ready for Lots of Sci-Fi Action: If the teaser trailer is any indication, we’re gearing up for a supernatural sensation. And while the preview keeps things mysterious, we do know the movie follows Mel (Ronan), whose body becomes inhabited by the Wanderer alien and she must fight for control of her mind. “It is no longer your world,” Ronan whispers in the trailer as we watch a quick flash of alien-inhabited humans. Intrigued yet? We’re certainly excited to see more.

3. Shocker! There’s a Love Triangle: It wouldn’t be a Stephenie Meyer film if there was no angst-ridden, over-the-moon, utterly unrealistic love story, right? Well, duh, and this film won’t disappoint. It’s far more complicated than whether Bella prefers a werewolf or a vampire, but expect an alien love triangle complete with Meyer’s cheesy one-liners we love.

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  • Autumnisaacs

    Cant wait to see the movie its going to be soo good :D

  • Rieslingmama

    Loved the book, looking forward to the movie.

  • Cassie

    I'm pretty sure that was only three…

  • Brittany

    I'm just hoping they don't screw it up. Especially for the people who haven't read this FANTABULOUS book 

  • kara Kibbee

    I LOVED the book. looking forward to how they portray everything in the movie.

  • Froggie1128

     Uh….thats what the HERE button below it was for….

  • Bojoho

    Ever since I read the book I thought it would make a great movie – can't wait to see it.

  • Amrita Mushtaq

    Stephanie eyes same like Angelina Jolie..

  • Outlawma7

    The book was outstanding! I'm sure the movie will be as well.

  • Lau

    The book was brilliant and I go back again and again to re-read it. I must admit though I'm not quite convinced Saoirse Ronan is the right person to play Mel, but then thats a downfall of a book being turned into a movie – its never quite how you thought it would be. Part of the thrill or part of the downfall, only time willl tell! I'm looking forward to watching it.

  • Sweets25_633

    Have read this book twice and will definitely read it again ~ I remember this actress from the Lovely Bones and I think she is very talented ~ can't wait for the film but in my experience the books are always better!

  • Danybrean

    There is a review of the stars lined up for the movie here and the comparison to Kristen and Rob. http://www.newmoon.twilightmov

  • Auroreclavelle

    j'ai dévoré le livre et j espère ne pas être déçu par le film car j'ai vraiment bien imaginé les personnages Jared!! brun bronzé avec une forte personalité, et j ai hate de découvrir comment gabby et mélanie peuvent échanger et confronter leur sentiments à l'image! sincèremen,t dans le rôle de Ian j'aurai bien imaginé Ian Y. de vampire dirarries

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