Pics/Video of Kristen Stewart at Paul McCartney My Valentine Premiere in LA

Here are some pics of Kristen at Paul McCartney’s My Valentine Premiere in LA this weekend! She looked gorgeous! Looks like she left the event with Joan Jett!


Head to  KstewartFans to see tons more pics!

  • Stella Allan

    Kristen Stewart is very pretty girl, but her dressing like shoes bigger than her. . . . .

  • Ndnmomma78

    Her outfit is ugly :(

  • Rdfsbde

    she is beautiful but that is just not a style for her i like her short dresses better and form fitting on her

  • Lolly Russ

    i applaud her. she wants to prove that she's not following the hollywood trend. the only thing i dont like is the shoes.

  • littled

    I concur. She's down-playing her looks.

  • Winning Sagitarious

    she is nyc but this outfit dose`nt suit her and her shoes is always bad

  • nmf

    she is very pretty but that outfit is just not her, it looks very old school teachery, no offence to any school teachers its just it reminds me of my school teachers years ago, not a good look for kstew

  • Robin_carlson50

    Okay, they all look nice and I am glad they make great movies to entertain us BUT it is incredibly creepy watching them all look kind of uncomfortable while people are screaming at them like animals and taking their pictures.

  • Winning Sagitarious

    u r rite

  • Badkid350

    I dont understand why people are so negative on kristens shoes. I see nothing wrong with them

  • Badkid350

    There is nothing wrong with her shoes. God help me.

  • Jennifer

    I don't think her look has anything to do with a style choice unless the look she is going for is “I just got dressed in the dark”… if it is then she nailed it! No matter what style you are going for, you have to dress to suit your body type. She is too short to pull off that type of skirt and if you have a loose frumpy bottom then the top needs to be tight and vice versa. Her shoes also look like something an 80 yr old man should be wearing. She also can't pull off that pale face and bright orange-red lips very well either.

  • Skylair Hernandez

    That would be confusing with all the people telling her where to look and all the camera flashing. Must also get annoying after a while.

  • lisaaaX

    she is gorgeous but i think that high heels fit better by her outfit. 

  • tholli97

    poor girl looks so uncomfortable!!

  • Krishancock5

    she looks Great!

  • Helen irwin

    your lips are red rose!

  • TheFuckIsWrongWithYou.

    Your Face is Ugly.

  • Irene

    The outfit was very cute but the shoes… UGLY!

  • Sunny148

    You should look at yourself in the mirror before you critizise anyone else!  Kristen Stewart is beautiful!!!!!

  • Guerrasqueen

    she is gorgeous but that´s not her usual dressing style.

  • MC

    I think she looks great, have been a huge fan of Kstew since the Panic Room. Have to agree with Robin_carlson50 in that it makes me a little squeamish to see the obvious discomfort she experiences in the spot light at red carpet events. On the flip side it is kind of part of the being a Celebrity….  

  • Italianprincesnj

    I don't car what she wears she is cute in anything but i'll bet some of that outfit is stella mccartney<3love kstew<3

  • Mwambolds

    finally she is wearing something that doest look like crap! looks great! the paps need to stop screaming at them. take your pic and shut the …. up!

  • Hattie Revans

    I think if she changed the skirt she would look a lot better.

  • Conejita_playbo

    hi! the team twilight is very nice amm te actriss is good,robert ooh good sexy 
    and kristen is beautiful is geneal the twilight.good bae, 

  • Angewilliamsj

    the outfit  looks old and boring, but its her style. Good on her for doing what she wants, and not what a stylist tells her to do.
    her best accessory was missing tho, damn it!! where were you rob??? lol

  • Eugénia Carvalho

    i also think

  • R0S5

    Man! She does look uncomfortable!!! Poor Kristen, but oh well, is part of the job I guess…

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