New ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 2′ re-shoots details revealed by Jack Morrissey

Jack Morrissey’s latest podcast addressed a lot of Breaking Dawn Part 2 related items that have come up recently, especially the reshoots that are taking place. Twilight Examiner listened closely and grabbed some important items to share with you guys.

“Additional photography” versus “Re-shoots”

Morrissey explained that the appropriate term for the shots being done is “additional photography” and not “re-shoots.” Quite frankly, he stated that the shots being done in Vancouver were the consequence of missed second unit assignments.

“Here’s what I will say. The director, Bill Condon, has said to me several times, as recently as a week ago, that it is a particular point of pride for him, given his overall body of work, to have taken into production a 100 day shooting scheduled movie, a giant movie that would be released as two parts, and to have come out the other side of that and to not have a single day to not have a single scene directed by him in the so-called main unit . . . re-shot. And that includes what’s to come. Not one shot directed by the main unit over the course of 100 days on these two Breaking Dawn movies has needed to be re-shot or will need to be re-shot . . . Nothing that he directed has been re-shot or will be re-shot, which then leads us to be able to say that most of [what’s to come] is stuff that’s from the second unit,” Jack Morrissey said.

“On Breaking Dawn, for everything that was to the second unit director . . . was drawn out, storyboarded, developed and agreed to, so everybody knew exactly what those shots were meant to look like once they were executed . . . The coming additional photography is stuff that was conceived, developed, and was to be executed by the second unit during the period of principal photography. For various reasons, it was not executed by the second unit . . . So, now, because it was not executed by the second unit, up you all go . . . to get what should’ve been gotten [during] principal photography. It’s just that simple.”

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