Photos: Rob and Kristen at Coachella Music Fest

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were spotted at Coachelle Music Festival this weekend.

Via TVC and ONTD

  • Alyssarosestayduhar

    wow u look like poop but u are hot in moveis

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EAKFAJAXSIWE64APSCUGPOJ7XQ Cassie Hoffman

    It's called them being “real”. They are not like the other celebrity's in Hollywood. They don't care what ppl think and I think that's what makes them both sexy. I love them as a couple and actors!!! Keep doing what yall are doing!!

  • Magicsoccermom22

    Very nicely put Cassie !!!   I agree @yahoo-EAKFAJAXSIWE64APSCUGPOJ7XQ:disqus 

  • Shell

    LAME! They are normal people with normal interests! Who wants to be all glammed up all the time?! They look comfy and chill and people need to leave it alone! If you were famous, wouldn't you get exhausted having to look perfect al the time?! I know I would! I loke a nice comfy, frumpy day every now and then and I'm sure they do too!

  • Ranrlover

    I never see pictures of them smiling when they are together.. or apart.

  • http://twitter.com/pamelaspry pamela s pry

    I agree with you, some ppl need to have some down time,

  • abs_110

    I am with you on this, nicely put!

  • melanie

    They are a cute couple together, so down to earth. It's a shame they don't have there privacy. Love you guys

  • celine1

    i agree!!!!! do robert and kristen really go out??

  • R0S5

    Kristen looks so 80´s LOVE IT!!!

  • Elizamajumder

    I love you Rob…………………………………! U rock baby………………………………..

  • margot nisset

    you're beautiful I want to marry you but jai only 11 years old

  • Vhia-marie

    rpatz and k-stew 4ever!!love it!!!

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