NextMovie: 8 Summer Movies Starring ‘Twilight’ Cast

Our Twilight cast have been busy!!

Kristen Stewart

As I mentioned above, KStew has two offerings for this summer, and they’re coming hot and heavy, one right after another. First will be the long-awaited adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s seminal novel “On The Road,” dropping on May 23. I don’t simply mean it’s “long-awaited” because it’s been in development for two years and Twi-hards have been itching to see Stewart as a crazy teenage ’40s beatnik. Hollywood has been trying to adapt the book, in one form or another, since 1957. Why has it been so difficult? It’s not exactly a “clean” story arc, giving directors license to get way too artsy with it. Don’t get your hopes up too much. Let’s just focus on the joy of seeing KStew getting sweaty dancing to jazz, man.

If “On The Road” does disappoint, you have “Snow White and the Huntsman” around the corner on June 1, and that seems highly likely to be awesome. Stewart couldn’t have played her cards much better: a notable indie dropping right before a shoo-in summer blockbuster. She’ll dominate the movie press for at least those two weeks.

Anna Kendrick

While I’m not going to crunch the numbers, it’s likely Kendrick will be the “Twilight” cast member who gets the most work in Hollywood. That’s why it’s no surprise Kendrick appears in May 18′s “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” since the studio tried to squeeze as many marketable names as it could in this ensemble cast. She plays Rosie, a character “who reunites with an old flame and fellow food-truck owner and becomes pregnant.” Other than that, I can’t tell you more than the film’s omnipresent marketing has already done.

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  • Jenc

    Snow White and the Huntsman and not because of who is in it. As I do not like Charlize at all and most of her movies only watch if bored. But this movie looks good.

  • Kayleigh-lunt

    this says '8 summer movies starring the twilight cast' .. theres only 3… CONFUSED

  • JayJay

    Please read the entire article to become unconfused!

  • Csar

    This articles is like a school problem. They give problems such as, the width of a cup is 3 inches, now find the perimeter for Jupiter! WTF!!

  • CNW

    I thought you had to be pretty to be “The fairest of them all…”

  • Valesh17

     i am pretty  sure u r  just  jealous of  K STEW  she is gorgeous and not you

  • KC86

    I think Charlize is better than Kristen. Kristen has a lot she can learn from her!

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    How about the to read more, click here button? 

  • Shorty 0979

    UMMM Hello where are the other movies

  • cleta feldman

    Jealous much???Kristen is very Beautiful!!!so stop talking sh##t

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