Two NEW Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills feature Bella, Edward and Jacob!!

We have not one, but TWO brand new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 stills to share with you! WHO’S EXCITED??

  • Glenia

    please come fast november!  really can't wait

  • Cyndi

    twihardmom45 did YOU not read the books. All Newborn vampires have red eyes. Bella does not drink human blood ever as a vampire! Edward and all the Cullens as well as the friends of theirs (Denalli clan) have brown eyes because they only drink animal blood. Bella as a vampire, only drinks animal blood too, but she is a newborn so her eyes have not turned brown yet. Vampires who drink human blood will always keep their red eyes, but newborns always have red eyes in the beginning. So the correct answer to “why are her eyes red?” She is a newborn Vampire, and her eyes have not had time to turn brown from the Cullens vegetarian diet.
    I wish they would release before November too…they have it done so not sure why they have to keep us waiting…but I am counting the days for the November release!

  • Cyndi

    They do kinda look red but they aren't, they are brown.

  • Marianamint

    Wait, are Edward eyes red on this pic????

  • Ranrlover

    the question was why are his eyes red.
    Remember when he kept biting her when she “died”?
    that's why his is, she is a new born and they are always red
    In the beginning. And there eyes will turn a golden color, NOT brown.

  • pattip

    I can't wait either ,never wanted summer to end quick, so Novemeber would be just around the corner….

  • Cyndi

    Were you responding to my comment to Twimom45 or something like that? because she was answering another persons question as to why HER eyes were red and that is why I answered the way I did. And yes Edward turns Bella to a Vampire so techniqely he drinks human blood when he does that, but he doesn't do it for his normal diet and one time would turn his eyes red.

  • Cyndi

    wouldn't* rather

  • Sunny148

    I'm so excited and can't wait til Nov 16!!

  • Priyanka

    me me i m excited

  • Nirvana_girl24

    if you look closer, they are the amber colour

  • Priyanka

    these stills luk amazing..luv them..

  • Elainerichmond

    Can't wait for November well excited.

  • Ranrlover

    I was not responding to you. I was answering the person who asked about his eyes.

  • Abigodi

    I like

  • Rosie143

    i just cant wait,love it….

  • Perthchick

    why is edwards eyes red in this shot ?????

  • Shyck20

    there is so much in the last part of the book, i hope they don't miss anything!!!  love the books, and the movies

  • Juliemayg

    oh…look at those eyes!!!! i love bella and edward! soooo excited!

  • Tthom

    Jacob is the ONLY ONE for me.

  • Alexanndra Salgado

    This Saga Gots Me Crazy Im Can't Wait

  • Alexandra Salgado

    This Movie Got me Really Crazy I Cant Wait

  • Fit4lifecoach

    I can't wait!

  • Drschrader81

    i can't wait i want November16,2012 to come so i go and see twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 and to see Edward 

  • Rubielou

    they look perfect<3

  • Kristelbkn

    I cant wait. I 'm so excited. <3

  • Dbestraka74

    No they R golden.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3YYUG7MIOD7IIAQRNHRIQBEINY Amy

    OMG. hurry up November! I'm spazing a bit here! LOL



  • candiceblack

    i love jacob black

  • Aeroravichandran

    we all know well about bella, edward & jacob……………. i'm dreaming and waiting for (my) kid renesmee………………she's cute and divine in look……………

  • daja lewis

    i love the picsx and i love all of the twilights

  • Julia

    O My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you Edward!!!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4D4I2NFKCPJFKM36W6QTMJYN3Y Sarah

    i love it. bella and edward look so good together even better then the others. and jacob looks hot


    it is so unfair that we have to wait until nov to see the last twilight movie. i wish that we could do something to change that

  • Lilo_dini

    cant wait..

  • Lightworkers4443

    super stoked!! when does the trailer come out????

  • JeDa

    i can't wait. i love taylor lautner! and i love twilight!

  • team jacob ♥_♥

    taylor lautner ♥_♥

  • Shacina-stargirl

    i love you edward and you are a grate actor

  • KPTesting

    Now it's May….Holy Crap I remember freaking out about how love it'll be in Februray. lol

  • KPTesting

    *long to love. lol

  • Chloe

    I can't believe that they waited so long to released the second part – a whole year!! Harry Potter was only six months for the final installment. The wait for Breaking Dawn Part 2 is long.

  • Jazy xoxo

    awwwwwwwwwwwww cute couple and a fitty xoxoxoxoxoxxxoxoxoox 
    seriously cannot wait xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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