Gorgeous Outtakes of Dakota Fanning for C-Style Magazine

We’ve got some beautiful new outtakes of Dakota Fanning from her photo shoot for C-Style Magazine. If you missed the scans, check them out here.

Source via TTS

  • http://twitter.com/_vampyrgirl_ Melissa Hughes

    Like most young stars often do I hope and pray that Dakota does not give in to the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

  • http://twitter.com/_vampyrgirl_ Melissa Hughes

    She is a very gifted and talented Young Woman and I hope she knows how much her fans adore her.

  • Breazy11

    reminds me of ahh can think of her name but she's now a cover girl and was the little girl on ET!!

  • Asdafsdfasdggdf

     Drew Barrymore

  • Echoariel88

     lol,Drew Berrymoore?

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    Beautiful as all our Twilight stars are :)  

  • Qaisqandahari

    she is soo amazing wooow she is sooo pretty beautiful cute nice everything

  • Tammy Graham

    I totally agree, She's a very beautiful girl.

  • Angie

    Love the clothes, who is the designer?

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