‘Music of the Twilight Saga’ collections being offered by BSX Records and Silva Screens

In some interesting merchandising news BSX Records and Silva Screen Records are offering fans the opportunity to buy Music of the Twilight Saga collections.

According to the Examiner:

MUSIC FROM THE TWILIGHT SAGA: For Chamber Orchestra (on BSX Records) is an interesting listen, because what The Redfeld Ensemble does is level the playing field of the musical integrity of the individual scores, as though they were attempting to make all of the music sound like it was written by one composer.

Where Burwell’s TWILIGHT was sincere and minimalist, the Ensemble amplifies some of the subtler moments and injects them with a bit of energy or color. On the flipside, they downplay some of the more horror-inspired elements touched upon in Alexandre Desplat’s NEW MOON. And while his score was more grandiose, epic, and note-heavy, they turn it down just a notch, so that some of the heavier parts are not quite as leaden.

With Shore’s ECLIPSE work, Redfeld focused primarily on emphasizing the emotional weight and fair-haired atmosphere that may have been overlooked in the original score. Of course, film score purists will probably scoff at creative decisions like this, but you really need to look at this for what it is – a tribute album to some really great film music.

Closing the disc is an incredibly creative, percussive, Asian/Caribbean arrangement of Burwell’s TWILIGHT theme music by Joohyun Park entitled “Bella’s Lullaby (How Bella Got Her Groove Back)” that just might make you want to get up and shake your booty.

The breakdown of representation includes nine tracks from TWILIGHT, eight from NEW MOON, and three from ECLIPSE.  Notably absent from this disc, however, is any acknowledgement of BREAKING DAWN: Part 1, but do not let that little fact dissuade you from venturing into this experience.

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